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Download A Bound on the Overlap of Same-Sized Subsets by Sivertsson O., Flener P., Pearson J. PDF

By Sivertsson O., Flener P., Pearson J.

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IV, 1923, pl. CDI. Plate 13, fig. 3 73 mm 29 O / o (7) 29 O / o 49 O/O Remarks:- Owing to the crushing of the holotype, the thickness cannot he determined, but in the smaller paratype which is only slightly deformed by pressure the whorl-thickness is about equal to the height. This paratype example, with a complete whorl of body-chamber, has fewer ribs than the holotype, but this is probably due merely to its s m a l l e ~ One of two other fragments, doubtfully referred to this species, the inner whorls more clearly than the paratype and they can be seen to be finely-ribbed, like the immature and crushed Crendonites in Plate 7 , fig.

46 Ko. 17Gm 86 mm 31 Q/o 35 '10 43 O/O L,, J . ~andthe body-chamber, part of which is preserved but was 0m;tted in the figure. The crescentic primary ribs or bulges continue apparently with little change. The specimen figured in Plate 33, fig. 1, -') Clp. ), 1882, pl. being pl. I bis, fig. 6 ) . p 11, fig. 3 (the lectotype 111 The Upper Jurassic Invertebrate Faunas of Cape h l i e , Milne Land. is directly transitional t o D. gracilis, described below, and a number still smaller examples, resembling that figured in Plate 33, fig.

Panderi, hut not developing the raised primaries of D. s, a t least a t a diameter of about 85 mm (still septate). The di ences between this suture-line and that. of another Russian form of panderi group (B. , no. i4213) on the one hand, and t h a t of D. do planoides on the other, are negligible; conversely the peculiar costat of the present form and its comparatively sudden change from fine coarse preclude identification with either D. dorsoplanus or the doubt D. panderi. A second fragment (no.

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