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Download A Concise History of Astronomy by Peter Doig PDF

By Peter Doig

The aim of this quantity is to supply in a concise demeanour yet as comprehensively as attainable an up to date account of worth to the overall reader looking a data of the advance of the technology of astronomy, for you to even be a convenient reference e-book priceless to scholars as a list of the most occasions and of the executive paintings of person astronomers.

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IG7 (19~~8) . ~ Ibid, vol. 45, p. 2S2 (H)::~~~). uJJlical SociclJI of the I)acljic, vol. 54, p. 95 (19-12). 4 B .. Socitty, . 1~X)H. 1 stronoHzicol Society of the Pacific, vo~p. 25 (H)·Hl). 6 G. C. ,cwis, liThe Astrnn()l'ny of the Ancients," p. 25G (lSG2). 1 7 I (Astrollornische C:hrOlH dogie" (19~~»). 1 strO'}lOJJl ical SocictJ' of tlu? Pacific, val. 58, p. 24. On the edher hand, the Egyptologist Breasted, COIl;;ide-red the first. , to have been :ixcd by sllch observations of Sirills. U 1\1. Davidsoll, I'The Stars and tbc~lind," p.

4). 'I'he brightness of the star in question is not great-only about the third Inagnitudc-;Uld it hardly seems conspicuous enough to have been selected for the purpose, although it may have been the only one rising 7 MESOPOTAMIA 19 in the proper quarter at the particular time of the year. Doubt has been thrown on such methods of orientation or date-fixing, by Neugebauer who remarks 7 that no stars except Sirius and Canopus, the two brightest fixed stars, can properly be seen until they are well above the horizon.

Unfortunately \ve do not kno\v what was the length of the stadiurn he used. According to some historians the value vvas such. that the result for the circul1Tferencc is 20 per cent. too great. Pliny's value of about 10 to the rnile would l1lake it nearly correct. ent of the ()bliquity of the Ecliptic, 22/83 of a right angle; and this is only about seven rninutes of arc greater than the real value at the time. ). ay have visited and observed the stars there. At 34 I-IISTORY 01:;- AS1'I{ONOMY an observatory which he built in the island of IThodes, he did the greater part of his work.

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