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Download A Note on the Fitting of Parabolas(en)(5s) by Miner J. R. PDF

By Miner J. R.

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5) This appears to be a nearly perfect triangular block. 34 What NASA Isn’t Telling You About Mars ©2005 1 2 Fig. 30 -SOL133 (1) An interesting rock with a smooth, chisel-shaped end. Note the hole or mark near the top inside the white U-shaped white outline. ) 1 2 Fig. 31 - SOL144 (1) Note the flat end of this rock facing the camera, which has a rounded 90 degree turn in its center. (2)Three horizontal slot-like features are shown in the notated image. The outside shape is similar to pillow lava from volcanoes on earth.

4) Unknown object with two identical features visible on the larger object. (Black arrow) diagonal line visible on the left side of the image traversing corner to corner. (White arrow) shows two nearly identical dark protruded objects. Sharpening was not possible. 1 2 3 4 5 Fig. 29 -SOL133 – (1-4) Rectangular square cornered objects or perhaps fragments of building blocks. If a rectangular or cube shaped block was blown from a building by a great explosion, some portion of the block or even all of it might remain intact.

62 - SOL295 – Black, square opening or rock estimated to be about 100ft. 63 - SOL307 – Two cube-like blocks in the center and top of the image. Is there a mechanical object in the lower left corner with angled corners and straight sides? 43 What NASA Isn’t Telling You About Mars ©2005 Fig. 64 - SOL307 – These rectangular blocks were further from the camera than the objects in Fig. 63 above. Note how all these blocks are all tilted the same way, and all have square corners. 1 2 Fig. 65 - SOL307 (1) Dark square object.

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