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Download A Series of Discourses on the Christian Revelation, Viewed by Thomas Chalmers PDF

By Thomas Chalmers

In 1817 the Scottish mathematician and churchman Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847), who used to be later invited to put in writing one of many Bridgewater Treatises (also reissued during this sequence) released this publication, according to weekday sermons preached by means of him in Glasgow. His major target is to refute the 'infidel' argument that as the earth and humanity are such insignificant elements of the universe, God - if he existed - wouldn't care approximately them. even though, he's additionally addressing the 'narrow and illiberal professors' who 'take an alarm' on the proposal of philosophy instead of incorporating technology into their Christian preaching. Chalmers writes from the point of view of an admirer of technological know-how and glossy astronomy. even though, he additionally argues that ask yourself on the beauty of construction or even acknowledging it as God's paintings isn't really adequate, and really ethical Christian lifestyles is key for salvation.

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In the course of ages, the stars in one quarter of the celestial sphere are apparently receding from each other; and, in the opposite quarter, they are apparently drawing nearer to each other. If the sun be approaching the former quarter, and receding from the latter, this phenomenon admits of an easy explanation, and we are furnished with a magnificent step in the scale of the Creator's workmanship. In the same manner as the planets, with their satellites, revolve round the sun, may the sun, with all his tributaries, be moving, in common with other stars, around some distant centre, from which there emanates an influence to bind and to subordinate them all.

Who can prescribe to science her boundaries, or restrain the active and insatiable curiosity of man within the circle of his present acquirements? We may guess with plausibility what we cannot anticipate with confidence. The day may yet be coming, when our instruments of observation shall be inconceivably more powerful. They may ascertain still more decisive points of resemblance. They may resolve the same question by the evidence of sense which is now so abundantly convincing by the evidence of analogy.

Now, on the grand scale of the universe, we, the occupiers of this ball, which performs its little round among the suns and the systems that astronomy has un- 51 folded—we may feel the same littleness, and the same insecurity. We differ from the leaf only in this circumstance, that it would require the operation of greater elements to destroy us. But these elements exist. The fire which rages within, may lift its devouring energy to the surface of our planet, and transform it into one wide and wasting volcano.

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