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By W. T. Hillier

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The bands increase in thickness b y longitudinal divisions of t h e cells which form them, and within these masses there appears on each side a ccelomic space, a pair of spaces in each segment. These two spaces rapidly enlarge and meet and open into one another above and underneath the gut. I n doing this t h e y have almost obliterated t h e original cavity t h a t existed within the outgrowing body of t h e worm and was continuous with t h e blastoccelic cavity of t h e trochophore, b u t t h e lengthy chinks t h a t remain at a later stage, namely, after t h e metamorphosis, are given a lining of cells and form t h e longitudinal blood-vessels and their connections.

The paths of all the other cells except 2d 222 curve in the opposite direction; 3c2PaP, 3d2PaP have slightly curved paths, so have 3c l a , 3 d 3 a ; more curved are t h e paths of 3c 2 a l , 3d 2 a l , 3c 2a2 , 3d 2a2 , while 3 ^ Ρ , 3dxP have t h e most curved paths of all. I t will be observed t h a t the cells 3c 2 a 2 , 3c 2 a l , 3c l a , 3CXP, are at first placed in t h a t order from front t o back. Their movements bring t h e m into t h e same order, b u t in a line almost a t right angles t o their original one.

The reader may be inclined to think t h a t this is an unnecessary point to pay attention to, b u t it seems to me t h a t such an experiment as the destruction of half of an early embryo would be followed by complete reconstruction of t h e animal so long as the embryo had not gone beyond the " two and two are four " stage, whereas if it had passed t h a t stage then some parts would fail to be properly designed and deformity would result. Of the four phantoms, P h a n t o m Blue has united with P h a n t o m Green and P h a n t o m Red has united with P h a n t o m Yellow, to some extent at least, b u t u p to this time there has been only a kind of adhesion between the Blue-Green pair and the Red-Yellow pair.

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