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Download A Visitor's Guide to the Kitt Peak Observatories by Leslie Sage PDF

By Leslie Sage

This advisor presents a finished travel of the well-known Kitt height telescopes and an advent to the real examine finished with them. For greater than forty five years, astronomers have used the telescopes at Kitt height nationwide Observatories (KPNO) to make many extraordinary discoveries concerning the Universe. KPNO helps the main various choice of astronomical observatories on the earth for night optical and infrared astronomy and daylight hours learn of the sunlight. it's presently the main visited astronomical observatory web site on the earth, together with over 50,000 viewers a 12 months from all 50 states and over fifty one international locations. With over twenty optical and radio telescopes, the positioning unearths to viewers glossy astronomy's nice variety. Leslie Sage is a Senior Editor at Nature journal and study affiliate, division of Astronomy, collage of Maryland. ^lGail Aschenbrener is a Public Affairs Officer, USDA wooded area carrier

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Water is the desert’s most precious resource. Kitt Peak astronomers and support personnel conserve at every opportunity. Please remember this, too, when you visit, and use Kitt Peak’s water wisely. TEL-1 McMath-Pierce solar telescope The McMath-Pierce solar telescope actually comprises three telescopes in one, so that three independent research projects can be run at the same time. In addition to studying the Sun, the main mirror also can be used for night-time observing of bright stars. 9 meters.

Photo by GBA. TELESCOPES AND VISTAS/INTEREST POINTS 27 Living off the land Native plants are not just interesting to see; they also have special names and play important roles in the lives of desert people. Beargrass (“moe-hoe”), yucca (“tock-way”), devil’s claw (“eehook”), banana yucca root (“o-ee-toctk”), and willow (“chay-ult”) provide the raw materials for the creative artistry found in Tohono O’Odham baskets. In the old days, mesquite and ironwood were used to carve wooden bowls and cactus fiber was crafted into rope.

The WIYN observatory was funded innovatively too, as the first joint venture on Kitt Peak between NOAO and independent universities. The universities paid most of the construction cost of the telescope, while most of the operating costs are paid for by NOAO. The universities benefit from having a large telescope at an excellent site with lots of infrastructure support, while NOAO got a new telescope with little initial outlay of cash. Since opening in October 1994, the WIYN telescope has been used mainly for the same general kind of science as the 4-meter telescope, including investigating the distances to other galaxies 36 A Visitor’s Guide to the Kitt Peak Observatories through finding supernovae in them.

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