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By Richard Payne Knight

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Beauty of form and colour, which act, in these cases, through the medium of the imagination only, have nothing to do with this mere irritation of the nerves, whether it proceed from internal or external stimuli; for this irritability extends in some instances to vegetable substances, which have no power of perception; but of which the organic parts are not only irritable, but require the touch of an insect or other extraneous body to render them effective in reproduction. 7< Many sorts of plants seem, in other respects, capable of sensation, as far as this power consists in the mere aptitude of the organs to receive impressions: but it does not appear that the impressions ever go further than the organs, which receive them; and if they do not, it is evident that they can excite neither pleasure nor ^ARTL^ pain; nor leave any traces or memorials behind Chap.

A man may inhale air impregnated with ottar of roses, or other sweet scents, till he no longer perceives that it is impregnated; as we often find to be the case with those who live in perfumers9 shops: but no one can inhale air mixt with effluvia of assafetida or tobacco without perceiving it, unless his olfactory nerves have totally lost their sensibility. 11. It is to be observed, however, that a great part of the pleasure, arising from the use of bitter and nauseous drugs, and fermented liquors, arises from their exhilarating and intoxicating qualities: but these belong to another branch of our inquiry, and shall be examined in the proper place.

23. On Morals and Behaviour. 24. On Religion. 25. Their relation to Comedy. 26. Moral Effects of all Narrative and Dramatic Fiction weak. 27. Self-Importance of Poets, Painters, &c < 28. How far they are really useful to Societyű ERRATA. PAGE LINE 7, 舒舒Ƈ 6, for Florintine read Florentine. 53, 24, for accentutation read accentuation. 87, 20, far would read could. 95, 12, for this read the 119, 舦舒 22, for surely read scarcely. 144,9 5, for yfrnfiwu read ygxtjiixot. 179, 15, for abbies read abbeys.

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