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By Bhushan, Vikas

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Op den Kamp [213] points out clearly that these conflicting results might be explained in terms of the effects of the various probes used and the ionic environment during incubation with such probes. In other words, under some conditions transbilayer movements could be stimulated and in others suppressed. Therefore, no precise statement of the distribution in the endoplasmic reticulum of glycerophospholipids in general and phosphatidylcholine in particular can be made. In terms of biosynthesis, however, it does seem that the choline phosphotransferase is associated with the outer leaflet since Coleman and Bell [230] showed that 90% of this enzyme could be hydrolysed by chymotrypsin or pronase though the vesicles remained intact.

Though the mode of transfer of phospholipid from the liver to bile is becoming clearer, the mode of transfer of phospholipid from the liver to other tissues via the plasma lipoproteins is still relatively obscure. It has been known for some time that lysophosphatidylcholine and lysophosphatidylethanolaminelabelled with 32P and [I4C]palmitate when introduced into the plasma as a complex with serum can be taken up by many tissues and converted to their diacyl analogues by acylation [2511. e. labelled with [ ''C]palmitate and [ Me3H]choline, was injected intravenously into squirrel monkeys it was rapidly taken up intact by the brain, acylated and metabolised withn that organ as though it had been assimilated into the endogenous pool.

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