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By Vanini Giulio Cesare

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The one certain exception is Gertrud Kanterowicz's short "Vorfied list. wort" to Simmers posthumous Fragmente und Aufsdtze (edited by her), v-x. But see also Emil Utitz, "Simmel und die Philosophic der Kunst," Zeitschrift fur Aesthetik XIV: und allgemeine Kunstwissenschaft, Max Frischeisen-Kohler, "Georg Simmel," KantStudien, 24: 1-51, 1920; Karl Joel, "Georg Simmel, ein Nachruf," 1-41, 1920; Neue Rundschau (XXXter Jahrg. d. Freien Buhne), 1919, Band i, pp. 241-247 (rhapsodic; obituary; the year, incidentally, is erroneously indicated as 1911 in Rosen thal-Oberlaender); and perhaps Albert Mamelet, Le Relativisme philosophique chez Georg Simmel, Paris: Alcan, 1914 (pp.

Madrid: SIMMEL'S WRITINGS AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH The following is as complete a list of Simmers writings available in English as could be obtained (in chronological order of publication): "Moral Deficiencies Determining Intellectual Functions," III, No. 4, 490-507, July, 1893. Tr. not indicated. ("This article is part of the second volume of the author's 'Einleitung in die Moralwissenschaft [sic],' which is shortly to appear. The reader finds here hardly more than a general outline of the original article.

It should be noted that all these questions must be asked, also, in regard to the complementary notion of "content" (or the like). " Cf. discussions in cultural anthropology and social psychology and, more specifically, the works by Sorokin, Bennett-Tumin, and Davis cited at the end of E; and Robert K. : Free Press, 1949), Parts I and II. 61. Thi& is very similar to Karl Mannheim's fascination by the "sociology of knowledge" and to his attempt at establishing it as epistemology. , his Ideology and Utopia, An Introduction to the Sociology of Knowledge, (tr.

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