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By Irwin M Newell

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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic examine Series.

The Halacaroidea (Acari) from the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic (including Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands, South Georgia, South Sandwich Islands, Kerguelen, Macquarie Islands, and Auckland Island) are defined. Halacaroidea from north of range 50°S are taken care of while zoogeographically major. Species from Chile and the southeast Pacific are incorporated, and some species recorded from Peru and South Africa. Mites have been amassed from various intertidal and subtidal habitats to a intensity of 4100 m. The sub-families Rhombognathinae Viets, Lohmannellinae Viets, and Halacarinae Murray are raised to the corresponding family members ranks: Rhombognathidae, Lohmannellidae, and Halacaridae. The ordinary composition of the latter teams is modified. Fifteen genera are clinically determined: Acatacarus Schulz, Agaue Lohmann, Agauopsis Viets, Arhodeoporus Newell, Bradyagaue Newell, Copidognathus Trouessart, Halacarus Gosse, Isobactrus Newell, Lohmannella Trouessart, Parahalixodes Laubier, Rhombosnathus Trouessart, Scaptognathus Trouessart, Simognathus Trouessart, Thalassarachna Packard, and Werthella Lohmann. 3 new genera, Camactognathus, Mictognathus, and Winlundia, are proposed; one hundred fifteen new species are defined; six new synonymies are tested; 3 subspecies are given particular prestige; and 3 species are renamed. Tabular keys to the genera and species are awarded (including taxonomically vital species teams from different regions). The constitution of the Halacaroidea is reviewed. strategies for amassing, sorting, and mounting Halacaroidea are given.


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Of setae. Anterior Posterodorsal portion plate with two pairs of ventral plate with four epimeral plate not in good position for study; probably a single pair of adjunctive $etae. All ventral plates fused, but compoundventral plate deeply incised by striated each 27-28 This species is similar to R. adelien$is Newell, n. $p. Unfortunately, there is only one specimen, so that it is not possible to make a detailed comparison of the two forms. However, the differences are sufficiently great that the most probable interpretation is stinct species.

Those combinations marked * are presently known in key group 1000. At least two sides should be checked, and more if variation is found. (4) Normal number of ensiform bipectinate setae on tibia I-IV: 2-22-2--All with two such setael 2-1-1-2--Tibia setae, II and III with only onel 2-I-i-I+--Tibia other such seta heavy but only lightly barbedl I and IV with two such IV with one such setal 2-1-1-1--Only tibia I has two setae. (5) Form of pecten and/or accessory process of lateral claws: endo-Endoplanate.

No transverse band of between genital and BIOLOGY •DF THE ANTARCTIC S•S Figs. 19-21. Fig. XV Rhombo•nathus eltanini n. , female. Fig. 19, venter; Fig. 20, dorsum• 21, claws II, ventral. foramina. Genital foramen completely terminal. A single seminal receptable was seen, asymmetrical, on the left side. It is not possible to state if this is normal or not. type). basilar Male (probably) with a single pair of setae. Four dorsal plates process of lateral in female. Accessory claws palmate, as seen in female holotype and a tritonymph but is so distinct from the other forms from Chile that, ventral view, with about 11 fine teeth.

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