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Download Applied XML programming for Microsoft.NET by Dino Esposito PDF

By Dino Esposito

XML is buried all over the Microsoft .NET Framework, yet powerful XML parsing and coding in .NET calls for adjustment. This ebook describes the set of XML middle sessions in .NET, introduces the .NET XML parsing version and the way to application opposed to it, and discusses XML readers and writers and XMLDOM. It examines comparable applied sciences resembling schemas, changes, and XPath, and it discusses information concerns equivalent to synchronization and serialization, the DiffGram layout, and the XML extensions in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This Microsoft Press name additionally unearths easy methods to get the simplest functionality from XML with .NET, and it deals in-depth details on interoperability themes akin to while to exploit XML internet companies and whilst to take advantage of remoting.

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NET Framework, XML readers provide an effective way to deal with hierarchical, XML-shaped data. Because XML is just a metalanguage used to describe information, and not a data repository itself, the key difference between standard XML readers and custom XML readers is in the location and the modality of intervention of the code that exposes data as XML. NET XML reader classes but constitutes the core of custom XML readers. Mapping Data Structures to XML Nodes For a long time, INI files have been a fundamental part of Microsoft Windows applications.

Close(); return buf; } The Boolean value that controls the main loop stops the loop when the reader's internal pointer reaches the end of the stream. GetXmlFileNodeLayout is designed to analyze all nodes but process only those of type Element or EndElement. The name of the node, formatted to look like a tag name, is output to a memory string as a line of text. After finding an Element or EndElement node, the function uses the reader's Depth property to get the nesting level of the current node and arranges a prefix string made of as many tab characters as the depth level.

Important Any class based on TextReader is inherently not thread-safe. Among other things, this means that the string object you are using to contain parsable XML data might be concurrently accessed from other threads. Of course, this happens only under special conditions, but it is definitely a plausible scenario. If you have a multi-threaded application and the string itself happens to be globally visible throughout the application, one thread could break the well-formedness of the string while another thread is parsing it.

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