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Download Astronomical Problems. An Introductory Course in Astronomy by B. A. Vorontsov-Vel'Yaminov PDF

By B. A. Vorontsov-Vel'Yaminov

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The conditions under which stars belong to one or other of these groups at a place of latitude φ, may easily be found from Figs. 8 or 9. COORDINATES OF CELESTIAL BODIES S E C T I O N ONE 29 PROBLEMS 101. What is the value for the azimuth of a star at the moment of its highest culmination from a place at latitude φ ? Is this the same for all stars ? 102. For what star is the azimuth in your town never equal to zero? 103. At what Declination is a star's azimuth equal to0° at the moment of upper culmination, and when is it equal to 180°?

Hint. Draw up a plan and designate the obliquity of the equator to the ecliptic by ε. 81. Deduce the formula converting the ecliptical coordinates λ and β to the equatorial coordinates a and <5, denoting the obliquity of the ecliptic by ε. How would the deduction of the formulae be simplified if we applied them to the Sun, which moves along the ecliptic ? 82. Convert to their logarithmic form the formulae for the transformation of the equatorial coordinates a and ö to the ecliptical ß and A. 83.

All the times mentioned above are local. B. —Russian or Latin) is the name given to Greenwich Mean Time, calculated from midnight. Internationally, time is reckoned by zones. The sphere of the Earth is divided into twenty-four time zones, whose borders (with a few exceptions) follow meridians separated from each other by intervals of 15°. The centre of the zero band coincides with the meridian of Greenwich. The centre of the first zone falls 15° (1 hr) to the east of Greenwich, of the second zone 30° (2 hr) to the east, and so on.

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