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By Arthur Beiser (auth.)

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Cumulative Subject and Author Indexes for Volumes 1-38

Those indexes are useful volumes within the serial, bringing jointly what has been released during the last 38 volumes. They contain a preface by way of the editor of the sequence, an writer index, an issue index, a cumulative record of bankruptcy titles, and listings of contents by way of quantity. summary: those indexes are necessary volumes within the serial, bringing jointly what has been released during the last 38 volumes.

Many-Body Schrödinger Dynamics of Bose-Einstein Condensates

At super low temperatures, clouds of bosonic atoms shape what's referred to as a Bose-Einstein condensate. lately, it has develop into transparent that many differing types of condensates -- so referred to as fragmented condensates -- exist. which will inform no matter if fragmentation happens or no longer, it can be crucial to resolve the entire many-body Schrödinger equation, a job that remained elusive for experimentally proper stipulations for a few years.

The Theory of Coherent Atomic Excitation (two-volume set)

This ebook examines the character of the coherent excitation produced in atoms by way of lasers. It examines the designated brief edition of excited-state populations with time and with controllable parameters corresponding to laser frequency and depth. The dialogue assumes modest past wisdom of basic quantum mechanics and, in a few sections, nodding acquaintance with Maxwell's equations of electrodynamics.

Electron-Electron Correlation Effects in Low-Dimensional Conductors and Superconductors

Advances within the physics and chemistry of low-dimensional structures were rather terrific within the previous few a long time. 1000s of quasi-one-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional structures were synthesized and studied. the preferred representatives of quasi-one-dimensional fabrics are polyacethylenes CH [1] and carrying out donor-acceptor molecular crystals TIF­ z TCNQ.

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10- 11 m einsetzen, find en wir die Wellenlange des Elektrons zu Diese Wellenlange entspricht genau dem Umfang der Elektronenbahn 21fr I, l00nm - Daher erhalten wir = 33 . 10-11 m. 41f' 8 ,85 '10- 12 F/m . 5,3 '10- 11 m A. = 663 ' 1,6 . 10-19 C 9,1 . 6 Spektraiserien des Wasserstoffs = 33 '10- 11 m. 7). Dieses Ergebnis ist ein wiehtiger Sehltissel zur Entwieklung einer Atomtheorie. 8) betrachten, so finden wir, d~ der Sehleifenumfang stets ein ganzzahliges Vielfaches der Wellenlange ist. Ware der Draht vollstandig elastiseh, wtirden diese Schwingungen ungedampft fortdauern.

8 \ \\ " "" e \ \ \ I I positiver Kern e " ............. ; 8 // /' 8 ........... 3 Das Rutherfordsche Atommodell \ / ,,/ ;' / I gleichmaBig in seinem Volumen verteilt ist, und wenn wir die Elektronen vollstandig vernachiassigen, betragt die elektrische Feldstarke auf der Oberflache des Atoms (dort hat sie ihren groBten Wert), etwa 1013 Vim. Nehmen wir andererseits mit Rutherford an, daB die positive Ladung in einem Goldatom in einem kleinen Kern im Mittelpunkt des Atoms konzentriert ist, tibersteigt die Feldstarke an der Oberflache des Kerns 10 21 Vim, also urn den Faktor 10 8 .

16) 1) n =6, 7, 8, .. 17) nf = 4: m e4 1 (1 - n2 nf=5 : ~=8€~Ch3 52-n2 Diese Reihen stimmen in ihrer Form mit den empirischen Spektralserien tiberein, die wir frtiher diskutierten. Die LymanSerie (Gl. 2)) entspricht nf = 1 , die Balmer-Serie (Gl. 1)) nf =2, die Paschen-Serie nf = 3, die Brackett-Serie nf =4 und die Pfund-Serie nf = 5.

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