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Download BeagleBone Home Automation Blueprints by Rodolfo Giometti PDF

By Rodolfo Giometti

Key Features

  • Build, arrange, and enhance your circuits through step by step educational of sensible examples, from preliminary board setup to equipment driving force management
  • Get entry to numerous types of desktop peripherals to watch and regulate your family atmosphere utilizing this guide
  • This e-book is unfold throughout 10 chapters all inquisitive about one functional domestic automation project

Book Description

BeagleBone is a microboard notebook that runs Linux. it may possibly connect with the web and will run OSes similar to Android and Ubuntu. BeagleBone is used for numerous diverse reasons and initiatives, from easy initiatives reminiscent of construction a thermostat to extra complicated ones reminiscent of domestic safety systems.

Packed with real-world examples, this booklet offers you examples of ways to attach a number of sensors and an actuator to the BeagleBone Black. you will how one can provide entry to them, so that it will observe simple-to-complex tracking and controlling platforms that can assist you take keep watch over of the home. additionally, you will locate software program examples of imposing net interfaces utilizing the classical PHP/HTML pair with JavaScript, utilizing advanced APIs to have interaction with a Google doctors account, WhatsApp, or fb. This consultant is a useful instructional while you're making plans to take advantage of a BeagleBone Black in a house automation project.

What you'll learn

  • Build a CO (and different gasoline) sensor with a buzzer/LED alarm to sign excessive concentrations
  • Log atmosphere facts and plot it in a posh manner
  • Develop an easy net interface with a LAMP platform
  • Prepare complicated net interfaces in JavaScript and get to grasp tips on how to circulate video facts from a webcam
  • Use APIs to get entry to a Google doctors account or a WhatsApp/Facebook account to regulate a house automation system
  • Add customized machine drivers to regulate an LED with varied blinking frequencies
  • Discover easy methods to paintings with digital elements to construct small circuits
  • Use an NFS, temperature sensor, relays, and different peripherals to observe and keep an eye on your surroundings

About the Author

Rodolfo Giometti is an engineer, IT expert, and GNU/Linux specialist. He has over 15 years of expertise operating with structures in line with x86 (PC), ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC. he's the 1st writer and a maintainer of the LinuxPPS undertaking (Linux's pulse consistent with moment subsystem.) He actively contributes to the Linux resource code with a number of patches and new equipment drivers for numerous units. His parts of center services are in writing equipment drivers for brand new peripherals, understanding precise Linux ports for numerous customized embedded forums, and constructing keep an eye on automation and distant tracking structures. he's the cofounder of the Cosino undertaking, the place he develops software program for regulate automation platforms. he's additionally the co-CEO at HCE Engineering S.r.l., a number one commercial embedded systems-based company.

Table of Contents

  1. Dangerous fuel Sensors
  2. Ultrasonic Parking Assistant
  3. Aquarium Monitor
  4. Google doctors climate Station
  5. WhatsApp Laundry Room Monitor
  6. Baby Room Sentinel
  7. Facebook Plant Monitor
  8. Intrusion Detection System
  9. Twitter entry regulate approach with clever Card and RFID
  10. A lighting fixtures supervisor with a television distant Controller
  11. A instant domestic Controller with Z-Wave

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Extra info for BeagleBone Home Automation Blueprints

Example text

27 ] Ultrasonic Parking Assistant In this chapter, we'll learn how to use the BeagleBone Black to implement a park assistant. We're going to use an ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance between our car and the garage wall, and some LEDs to give a feedback of the car position to the driver in order to avoid collisions. We'll see how to set up the ultrasonic range sensor in two different manners, using different interfaces to get the data in order to resolve a problem in two different ways and obtain two different system configurations.

3/1 0/0 In this situation, the connections to be done on the BeagleBone Black are quite simple. TX), since, as already stated, its output signal must be inverted, so, in reality, the TX pin of the distance sensor must be connected with the Vin pin of the TTL inverter, while the Vout is the effective signal /TX that must be connected to the USB-to-serial RX pin! [ 37 ] Ultrasonic Parking Assistant If we decide to use this setup for the distance sensor, the job, from the software point of view, is simpler, since no calibration is needed at all due to the fact that the sensor will return to us the distance in a digital format, that is, without any possible errors due to the analog to digital conversion or voltage scaling, as seen in the preceding section.

Controlling the environment Now, we only need the glue between the sensors and actuators managing tasks, that is, a periodic function that according to the user inputs periodically checks whether the alarms must be activated according to the information read, or not. php script is as follows: function daemon_body() { global $loop_time; global $actuators; # The main loop dbg("start main loop (loop_time=${loop_time}s)"); while (sleep($loop_time) == 0) { dbg("loop start"); # Get the gas concentrations and set the "alarm" variable $mq2 = db_get_status("mq2"); $mq2_th_ppm = db_get_config("mq2_th_ppm"); dbg("mq2/mq2_th_ppm=$mq2/$mq2_th_ppm"); $mq4 = db_get_status("mq4"); $mq4_th_ppm = db_get_config("mq4_th_ppm"); dbg("mq4/mq4_th_ppm=$mq4/$mq4_th_ppm"); $mq5 = db_get_status("mq5"); $mq5_th_ppm = db_get_config("mq5_th_ppm"); dbg("mq5/mq5_th_ppm=$mq5/$mq5_th_ppm"); $mq7 = db_get_status("mq7"); [ 22 ] Chapter 1 $mq7_th_ppm = db_get_config("mq7_th_ppm"); dbg("mq7/mq7_th_ppm=$mq7/$mq7_th_ppm"); $alarm = $mq2 >= $mq2_th_ppm || $mq2 >= $mq2_th_ppm || $mq2 >= $mq2_th_ppm || $mq2 >= $mq2_th_ppm ?

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