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Download Beauty At Your Finger Tips!: Kitchen Remedies For Your Skin by Nirmala Shetty PDF

By Nirmala Shetty

Could you consume the components indexed in lotions or creams? Why might you feed the surface what the tummy could refuse?’ well known naturopath Dr Nirmala Shetty deals us attractiveness potions which are more than enough to flavor! better of all, they arrive with easy-to-follow recipes.

Dipping into the materials present in kitchens – herbs and culmination, greens and spices – Dr Shetty deals us green, totally delectable concoctions for each dermis and hair challenge, be it rosacea or darkish circles, hair fall or untimely greying. in the pages of this booklet, you’ll find:
• The powerful eco-friendly Pack, a detoxification mix of margosa, mint and cucumber, recognized to conflict obdurate acne
• Coconut Magic, a heady mixture of pistachios and coconut, which can wipe away the main continual of tans
• Beet mixture, with beet juice, curd and olive oil, which could wash off these embarrassing flakes of dandruff

There are chapters dedicated to male attractiveness (how approximately an natural aftershave lotion, with aloe vera, tea tree oil and cucumber?), age-specific potions (did you recognize that coconut milk and almonds can preserve wrinkles at bay, or that eco-friendly gram packs can nourish your baby’s body?), and kitchen recommendations for apprehensive grooms and brides! As an advantage, there’s a prepared reckoner of universal ordinary elements and the pleasant secrets and techniques they hold.

Packed with greater than 100 tried-and-tested recipes, with this booklet, good looks is at your fingertips!

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