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Download Beyond Postcolonial Theory by E. San Juan Jr. (auth.) PDF

By E. San Juan Jr. (auth.)

Opposing the orthodoxies of multinational postcolonialism, past Postcolonial idea posits acts of resistance and subversion via humans of colour as crucial to the unfolding discussion with Western hegemony. The stories and signifying practices of Rigoberta Menchu, C.L.R. James, quite a few "minority" writers within the usa, and intellectuals from Africa, Latin the USA, and Asia are counterposed opposed to the dogmas of contingency, borderland nomadism, panethnicity, and the ideology of id politics and transcultural postmodern pastiche. Reappropriating rules from Gramsci, Bakhtin, Althusser, Freire, and others within the radical democratic culture, San Juan deploys them to recuperate the reminiscence of nationwide liberation struggles (Fanon, Cabral, Che Guevara) at the face of the triumphal march of globalized capitalism.

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She reaffirms her commitment: My life does not belong to me. I've decided to offer it to a cause .... The world I live in is so evil, so bloodthirsry, that it can take my life away from Interrogations and Interventions 37 one movement to the next. So the only road open to me is our struggle, the just war ... [W]e can build the people's church ... a real change inside people. I chose this as my contribution to the people's war. I am convinced that the people, the masses, are the only ones capable of transforming society.

Mannoni andJean-Paul Sartre. His observations of everyday life and the general conditions of blacks in Mrica, the Caribbean, the Uni ted States, and Europe led him to an existentialist affirmation of creative freedom enabled by a Hegelian problematic that, according to Bhabha, Fanon abandons. In the concluding chapter of Black Skin/White Masks, Fanon writes: [Thel former slave wams to make hirnself recognized. At the foundation of Hegelian dialecric there is an absolute reciproeiry which must be emphasized ....

What is more atelltale index of this exercise in eclectic citatology and paraphrase is the way Bakhtin' s idea of dialogism is appropriated in complete opposition to Bakhtin's politico-ethical commitment (see Bakhtin 1981). Bhabha, for instance, attempts to impute a deconstructive motive to Bakhtin: "Bakhtin's use of the metaphor of the chain of communication picks up the sense of contingency as contiguity, while the question of the 'link' immediately raises the issue of contingency as the indeterminate" (1992: 454).

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