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Download Beyond September 11th: An Account of Post-Disaster Research by Other Contributor-University of Colorado PDF

By Other Contributor-University of Colorado

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Then in the early 1970s, the National Science Foundation began funding the ongoing Learning from Earthquakes (LFE) program. Funding allowed the program to become more systematic and inclusive of a range of disciplinary expertise. It also enabled publication of results that could then be disseminated widely. The first published reconnaissance report was in 1972 on the Managua earthquake. The dissemination of observations is one of three main activities of the program. The other two are conducting investigations and developing guidelines for field data collection (Tubbesing, 2002).

Warn et al. (2003) depict the structural and non-structural damage to 130 Liberty Street, located immediately south of World Trade Center tower 2, which collapsed in the September 11th disaster. Explanatory Explanatory research attempts to study causal relationships (Palys, 1997). , 1976). For example, Holguín-Veras et al. (2003) set out to discover if there were linkages in behavioral changes in intercity travel and the impact of the terrorist attacks of September 11th. They did discover statistically significant linkages.

Research is focused by what a theory suggests should be looked at and where relevant information may be gathered (Palys, 1997). Killian (1956, p. ” The early work emphasizes the mismatch between the rigors dictated by the hypothetico-deductive approach and the reality of disaster field work. The strategy employed to address this discord was to introduce as much discipline into data collection as is practicable. The deductive tradition in quick response research continues. O’Brien’s (2003) work exemplifies theory-guided, deductive, exploratory quick response research.

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