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By Walter Lovenberg (Eds.)

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An interim solution must therefore be found, which leans on the historical past and what is by now entrenched, but which at the same time leaves sufficient flexibility to accommodate further developments and allows expansion without a change in its principal structure. The operational term "nonheme iron proteins" fulfilled a useful role, as long as there was very little information on the nature of the iron complexes present in ferredoxins and the related proteins discussed above. It can now—and this has been generally accepted—be replaced by the more specific term "iron-sulfur proteins" in those cases where this actually applies, namely, where sulfur is a ligand of the iron, as has been shown by X-ray crystallography for rubredoxin, clostridial-type ferredoxins, and high-potential iron proteins, by sulfur hyperfine interaction for the proteins of the plant ferredoxin type, and as can be safely assumed, on the basis of a number of analogies, to be also true for the more complex iron-flavo- or molybdenum-iron-flavoproteins.

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