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Download Biomembranes: Dynamics and Biology by M. T. Silva (auth.), Robert M. Burton, Francisco Carvalho PDF

By M. T. Silva (auth.), Robert M. Burton, Francisco Carvalho Guerra (eds.)

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Leprae the symmetry is due to the increased density and thickness of the inner layer that equals that of the outer layer (Fig. As expec- 22 -61 62 Fig. 61. Fixation as in Fig. Fran A. Santana and M. T. Silva 90. Fig. 62. Same sample as in Fig. Frorn A. Santana and M. T. Silva 90. sitive in~. leprae membrane and negative in the rrembranes of the gram-negatives. Thiery and PTA staining of damaged bacterial membranes As discussed,the lead-asymmetric membrane profiles of normal bacteria change to a syrrmetric profile when the bacteria are damaged by several mechanisms.

132:83 (1973). 35 84. W. Fischer,Glycerophosphoglycolipids presumptive biosynthetic precursors of lipoteichoic acids, in "Chemistry and biological activities of bacterial surface amphiphiles" , G. D. Shockman and A. J. Wicken,eds. ,Acad. Press,New York pg. 209 (1981). 85. E. B. Briles and A. A choline-containing lipoteichoic acid,J. BioI. Chem. ,248: 6394 (1973). 86. P. Owen and M. R. J. Salton,A succinylated mannan in the membrane system of M1crococcus lysodeikticus,B. B. Res. ,63:875 (1975).

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