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By K. Karandeyev

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89 . P z -_ v:+ RI)IR l , VI I °n\IR a; (R 1 RI)I Vi ll'} R , P"=(R~+~,)IR4' (5-47). 90 The D. C. Bridge Method Sec. 5-4. The Sensitivity of, D. C. Bridges 91 ( ( ( ( Solving the above expressions for Va. it is possible to determine the maximum safe voltage for a given load on the arms. Assume, for example, that R 1 +R2

While the subsequent stages form a power amplifier. Each stage of the volt­ age amplifier is furnished with regenerative current feedback for temperature compensation and gain stabilization. The power amplifier and the output transformer are covered by a tight frequency-dependent feedback. The feedback voltage is taken from across RIb and Glb and is fed to the emitter of T,. In addition to stabiliZing the characteristics of the amplifier, this feedback path (especially G,b) improves the frequency response at high frequencies.

Rl+ R + ( ( 77 s ~ 4 s The D. C. Bridge Method 78 ( ( Sec. 5-3. The Kelvin Double Bridge \I As follows from Eq. 1 per cent or more. This is because, for' reasons intrinsic to the nature of bridges, the contact resistances, being in series with the arm resistors, are i~cIuded in the measuring network and falsify the results, being added to them. \ '. •••• From the arm ratios at balance: R(o Ra/(R a + R,) = Rz/(R1+ Rz), 79· I I ~ ~ I I we have Ved a. /(R a+ R,)2. (5-18) The detector current will be Jed = Ved/(R ed + R D )· If this current is to produce a deflection of at least one scale division, the current constant of the galvanometer must not exceed Jed' Also, the galvanometer must have an external critical damping resistance roughly equal to Red so that its moving system may come to equilib­ rium in the shortest time after deflection.

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