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Download Canon Law and Cloistered Women: Periculoso and Its by Elizabeth Makowski PDF

By Elizabeth Makowski

Pope Boniface VIII released a decree in 1298 that remodeled long-standing attitudes towards nuns into common Church legislation. often called Periculoso, the decree introduced that every one nuns have been to be endlessly cloistered. This quantity offers an in-depth examine of the watershed laws. Elizabeth Makowski surveys precedents for Periculoso in addition to the various difficulties Boniface VIII was hoping to resolve together with his ruling. She extra analyzes the observation on Periculoso and the makes an attempt to implement the laws.

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The letters of Boniface VIII, as found in the papal registers for the years immediately preceding the promulgation of Periculoso, illustrate the pope's paternal concern for nuns living the cloistered, well-regulated, life deemed appropriate to their sex and vocation: they show his willingness to mitigate the harshness of cloister rules when warranted. They also demonstrate the fact that Boniface lost no time in denouncing behavior that failed to meet his standards. 2 Under all but the most exceptional circumstances, a notary or even the judge himself should be sent to record a woman's testimony, rather than require her presence in court.

31 Boniface's election was ultimately deemed valid, but its irregularity served the pope's enemies well. The Spiritual Franciscans were among these enemies, since one of the first acts of Boniface VIII as pope had been to rescind Celestine V's concession allowing the disgruntled Spirituals to establish themselves as an autonomous order. 32 Another local enemy, one with whom the Spirituals would find common cause, was the Colonna family. In his attempts to increase Gaetani land holdings at the expense of this powerful aristocratic family, Boniface VIII used both excommunication and crusading tactics against them.

McNamara, "De Quibusdam Mulieribus," 24546, mentions three four- (footnote continued on next page) Page 26 Yet if the extremist claims of Guglielma and her followers were of a piece with other enthusiastic movements of the late thirteenth century, they were in one respect of peculiar concern to Boniface VIII. 20 Furthermore, while his immediate predecessor Celestine V (Peter Morrone) had been hailed by many enthusiasts as the papa sanctus of the new age, Boniface VIII was particularly vulnerable to the Guglielmite charge that he was the pseudopapa.

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