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Download Cell and Tissue Culture Models in Dermatological Research by M. Bachmann, W. E. G. Müller (auth.), Dr. August Bernd, PDF

By M. Bachmann, W. E. G. Müller (auth.), Dr. August Bernd, Professor Dr. Jürgen Bereiter-Hahn, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Frank Hevert, Professor Dr. H. Holzmann (eds.)

In this quantity the effect of cellphone tradition versions on dermatological learn is mentioned through scientists from medication, body structure, biology, pharmacology,and pharmacy. The e-book comprises the subsequent themes: orthology and pathology of the outside, differentiation of keratinocytes and fibroblasts, difficulties of the cultivation of melanocytes, biochemistry of pigment metabolism, versions for wound therapeutic and tissue renewal, fibroblast functionality and metabolism of collagen, versions for the research of getting older in addition to versions for pharmacological and toxicologial exams. therefore, a large arch is spanned, from easy issues of cultivation and characterization of phone cultures to examples of software. Dermatologists in addition to telephone biologists will reap the benefits of this publication.

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Dr. -H. Meyer zum Biischenfelde and Dr. W. J. Mayet for the patient (Ma) anti-La antibodies and their support during the past 10 years, and Prof. Dr. D. Falke for his support during herpesvirus studies. Special thanks are due to graduate students K. Pfeifer, S. H. Chang, B. Diehl-Seifert, T. Zaubitzer, C. Selenka, M. Pretzlaff, and T. Metzger. References 1. Bachmann M, SchrOder HC, Falke D, Muller WEG (1988) Alteration of the intracel- 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. lular localization of the La protein compared with the localization of U snRNPs.

The treatment of cells with low concentrations of digitonin permeabilizes rather selectively the plasma membrane [17]. Cytoplasmic constituents including proteins can be extracted with digitonin in a first step, and in a second step remaining cell proteins are solubilized with a stronger detergent. Table 4. 1% Triton X-lOO) Ala- with X-NNap ArgLeu- Pro- Lactate ~-GlucuG1y-Pro- dehydro- ronidase genase 4 7 25 63 4 85 24 96 93 75 37 96 15 76 Aminopeptidases of Human Skin 49 The distribution of aminopeptidase activities upon a differential extraction of fibroblasts (Table 4) was remarkably similar to that obtained by centrifugation (Table 3): in both experiments the major part of aminopeptidase activities acting on Ala-NNap and Leu-NNap as well as dipeptidyl peptidase IV proved to be associated with cellular membranes, while activities present in the cytoplasmic fraction contributed considerably to the total hydrolysis of Arg-NNap, and in particular of Pro-NNap.

We were interested in the phospholipases as part of the adhesion and penetration process, especially with regard to different groups of patients. Seborrhoic patients [2, 10] and patients with some forms of psoriasis [9, 14, 15] harbor Candida strains which show a significantly higher liberation of phospholipases than Candida strains from the intestines of patients not suffering from these skin diseases. In the study presented here we investigated whether serum of healthy or of seborrhoic patients show any difference in standardized Candida albicans adhesion assays.

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