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Download Chaos Bifurcations and Fractals Around Us: A Brief by Wanda Szemplinska-Stupnicka PDF

By Wanda Szemplinska-Stupnicka

Over the past two decades, a number of books on nonlinear chaotic dynamics in deterministic dynamical structures have seemed. those educational tomes are meant for graduate scholars and require a deep wisdom of finished, complicated arithmetic. there's a want for a ebook that's available to basic readers, a ebook that makes it attainable to get a great deal of wisdom approximately complicated chaotic phenomena in nonlinear oscillators with out deep mathematical learn.

Chaos, Bifurcations and Fractals round Us: a quick advent fills that hole. it's a very brief monograph that, because of geometric interpretation entire with laptop colour pictures, makes it effortless to appreciate even very advanced complicated ideas of chaotic dynamics. This precious e-book is usually addressed to teachers in engineering departments who are looking to contain chosen nonlinear difficulties in complete time classes on common mechanics, vibrations or physics so one can motivate their scholars to behavior extra learn.

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