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Download China's Environmental Governing and Ecological Civilization by Jiahua Pan PDF

By Jiahua Pan

This e-book appears to be like into the expanding clash among the call for of financial progress and the already fragile ecological approach in China. The lengthy urbanization strategy has escalated the erosion of usual environments and is expanding power intake. China’s function as a “world plant” is usually hard increasingly more source offer in addition to power intake. This publication argues that to properly reply to those rising matters, except upgrading and improves environmental safety innovations, China must determine an “ecological civilization” that gives an ideological foundation for the development of a eco-friendly low-carbon version of financial growth.

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6 Collapse: How societies choose to fail or succeed. New York: Penguin Books. 2005: ISBN 0-14- 303655–6. 7 The prospects of industrial civilization (in collaboration with Dora Russell). London: George Allen & Unwin. 1923. 4 32 2 The Development Paradigm of Ecological Civilization resources, and the ultimate hope for human beings should be scientific outlook. 8 They pointed out that the belief of “controlling nature” established under the capitalist system was the root cause of ecological crisis and believed that consumption alienation would occur in capitalist societies and proposed to build a “society easy for survival” to solve the ecological crisis.

In face of environmental and climate change, people may take three different attitudes or reactions. The first is passively accepting unfavorable impacts; the second is actively seeking to reduce the impacts; the third one is retreating from the impacted areas. As the last option, migration has the negative side effects of possibly increasing the resource (such as food supply) and environmental pressures and conflicts in the migrant-receiving regions. There are two different opinions on migration due to 20 1 Ecological Capacity Profile and Adaptation environmental and climate change.

The results are damages to both the health of ecosystems and human health. Compared with ecosystem degradation, ecosystem poisoning causes even longer-term damages to ecological security. Respecting nature is a kind of ethic value; the rules for human behavior should be allowing the nature to take its course. If people do not follow natural rules, it is violating the principle of respecting nature and leads to damages to ecosystem productivity. The key of allowing nature to take its course is keeping human activities within the carrying capacity of ecosystems.

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