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Download Chinese Gardens by Lou Qingxi PDF

By Lou Qingxi

Chinese language Gardens is ready the historical past and evolution, and the artwork and strategies of chinese language gardens and their architectures. the writer compares the gardens with the looks of normal landscapes and describes their intending to the chinese language, and the chinese language people¡¯s admiration of them. With b&w and colour photos.

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Facing the gate is the 5-meter-high Dule Peak, shaped like clouds rolling back and forth. Behind the Dule Peak there is Anshan Hall, sitting on a base of stone and connected with the eastern and western wing rooms by corridors to form a three-sided courtyard opening to the south. In Qing Dynasty Beijing, channeling running water into a private residence would need the emperor’s consent, an honor rarely bestowed except for a few prince palaces, and the Prince Gong Palace is one of them. Within the garden there is a large batshaped pond built with green stone named the “Bat Pond”.

In the Song Dynasty, an imperial garden called Gen Yue was built in the eastern capital of Bianliang, and the Huizong Emperor (period of reign 1101-1125) demanded that the magnificence of the Five Mounts in China be represented and the precipitous Sichuan mountain paths reproduced, leading the cra� of creating artificial mountains and waters to its peak.

As the capital city of the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Beijing harbored a large number of members of the royalty and aristocrats, who had the political power and economic privilege to pursue pleasure, and a large number of gardens were thus built out of demand. The royalty and aristocracy are o�en artistically well educated. While amongst them there was no lack of garden builders who aspired to the traditional garden style of the literati, most opted for extravagance and luxury. Although many garden artisans were called in to the north to build gardens, but differences in natural conditions, political and cultural backgrounds as well as architectural styles had set the northern gardens apart from the gardens in the south.

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