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Download Collected works. - Complementarity beyond physics by D. Favrholdt PDF

By D. Favrholdt

This quantity is split into 5 components. The name of the amount refers basically to half I, that's by way of a ways the most important and includes papers discussing the basic questions of biology and similar mental and philosophical difficulties. Following the replica of papers delivered to booklet by way of Bohr, there's a separate Appendix to half I together with a few of Bohr's finest and great unpublished contributions during this quarter. The papers partly I span the final thirty years of Bohr's existence and reveal his nice curiosity in organic difficulties and his unremitting efforts to teach that biology can't be lowered to physics and chemistry.

half II includes articles of a extra basic cultural curiosity. a few of these exhibit that Bohr looked the complementary standpoint to be of price additionally outdoors the medical sphere.

half III includes the articles Bohr wrote concerning the nice Danish thinker Harald HГёffding. those brief papers are awarded in a piece on their lonesome due to the carrying on with dialogue within the heritage of technological know-how approximately HГёffding's attainable effect on Bohr's paintings in physics and his complete clinical approach.

half IV contains articles illuminating the historical past of twentieth century physics. Bohr had nice veneration for his predecessors and academics, and he ready those articles with nice care.

half V includes correspondence when it comes to the fabric in elements I via IV. As in prior volumes a list of appropriate unpublished manuscripts held on the Niels Bohr Archive constitutes an appendix to the total quantity.

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47) with variational parameter d. 48) h/M ω0 , and the dimensionless interaction strength ¯ γ = |g| 4N √ . 07) or no minimum at all (for γ > γc ) [cf. Fig. 9]. In the latter case, the energy functional can only be minimized for r → 0 and the condensate collapses by evaporating atoms, a complicated process which has been recently analyzed experimentally [64]. Of course, for r → 0 the mean field approach breaks down and a true many-body description is required. 1 Quantum Decay Rate out of a Metastable Well 41 v(r) 20 10 0 0 1 2 r Fig.

So far we have 1 not fixed the centers of the instantons and, in fact, in the limit ω0 ¯hβ the total action is independent of their exact locations inside the interval [−¯ hβ/2, ¯ hβ/2]. This reflects again the time translation symmetry of the action that we have already discussed for the bounce orbit. To deal with this exact invariance, we follow a similar procedure: Select a representative out of the class of equivalent n-instanton paths and sum over the full set by integrating in a time-ordered manner over the locations of the centers.

Dynamics of Josephson Junctions In the basis of the charge eigenstates {|n , n ∈ Z} associated to the number of Cooper pairs having crossed the junction, the Hamiltonian of a JJ can be written as ∞ 1 HJ = − EJ (|n n + 1| + |n + 1 n|) . 22) 2 n=−∞ Here, EJ denotes the Josephson coupling energy between left and right domain and is related to their superconducting gaps, cf. Fig. 2. e. ˆ , ϕ] [N ˆ = i, related to the phase difference between the phases of the individual superconducting condensates. 22) reads ˆ J = −EJ cos(ϕ) H ˆ .

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