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Download Combinations in the middlegame: theory and exercises by Igorʹ Zakharovich Bondarevskiĭ, Ken Smith PDF

By Igorʹ Zakharovich Bondarevskiĭ, Ken Smith

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Diagram No. 19. Smyslov vs Bronstein, XIX USSR Ch 1951. B lack to move) N xc 2ch 1 .. B lack starts a combination instead of simply bringing his attacked knight back to c6. The idea of the sacrifice lies in destroying the guard of the White 'd' pawn. Qxb2 2 Qxc2 A queen sacrifice with the idea of attracting the White queen onto b2 . Nxd3ch 3 Qxb2 The resultant blow, attacking in two directions. 4 Kfl ! Better than 4 Kdl Nxb2ch 5 Kc2 Nc4! Bxb2 4 ... If 4 . N x b 2 White can reply 5 Bc3 exchanging b ish­ ops to his advantage.

2 Qe7 3 Qh7ch Kf7 4 Rxg7ch w i n ­ ning, or 2 Rfd8 3 Qh8 is mate. Also if l . Q e 7 t h e n again 2 Qh2 is too strong 2 Nxg6 3 Qh7ch Kf7 4 Qxg6ch Kg8 5 Rh8ch! Kxh8 6 Qh7 mate. 2 Bg5 Now in the actual game, B lack tried 2 . . Q xf3 but after 3 Bxf3 Rxf3 4 Qh2 White has a winning position. For example 4 Raf8 5 Qh7ch Kf7 6 Rh6! (A clever uti ­ lization of the h-jile) and now if 6 . . N f 4 then 7 Rf6ch! Ke8 8 Qxg7 wins. Or if 6 . . N h 8 then 7 Re6! and 8 R e 7 c h with attack on g7 is decisive since 7 .

But it was the boxed-in position of the White king that B lack planned to exploit when he laid the trap. For this purpose he tempted his opponent to capture the ' h ' pawn so diverting his rook from the back rank. Rg8 ! 2 .. After this all becomes clear. Black sets up a double at­ tack indirectly - he threatens to capture the queen and on top of that threatens a back row mate. Qglch! 3 Qd3 White resigned, because of 4 Rd l Rclch 5 Rxcl Qxcl mate. C o m b i n at i o n s Based on Sq u a re-Freei ng Sometimes positions arise in which a piece or pawn of the attacker' s interferes with the action of another piece or pawn.

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