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Download Complete Java 2 certification study guide by Philip Heller PDF

By Philip Heller

Are looking to triumph over of the main tricky programmer certifications? the hot variation of the best-selling whole Java 2 Certification learn advisor is the source you wish. Authors Philip Heller and Simon Roberts, builders of Sun's Programmer and Developer assessments for the Java 2 Platform, provide you with every thing you must cross the tests the 1st time. This absolutely revised variation is up-to-date for the alterations in either assessments, together with assurance of latest pursuits for J2SE 1.4, a brand new emphasis on Swing and RMI, and knowledge for tackling the hot structure of the Developer examination. The publication can be greater with all-new beneficial properties from Sybex's market-leading examine courses, together with examination crucial sections to enhance key topic parts and real-world situation sidebars with pattern programming assignments. The spouse CD includes the entire assessment questions from the booklet, a convention programmer's examination, and a hundred and fifty random-test questions, together with a hundred new questions. The CD additionally encompasses a absolutely searchable digital variation of the publication.

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This shift produces an anomalous result. You would expect that shifting a 32-bit number by 33 bits would produce 0 as a result (or possibly −1 in the signed right-shift case). However, because of the reduction of the right operand, this is not the case. Why Java Reduces the Right Operand of Shift Operators, or “The Sad Story of the Sleepy Processor” The first reason for reducing the number of bits to shift modulo the number of bits in the left operand is that many CPUs implement the shift operations in this way.

Vector v = new Vector(); 2. add (“Hello”); 3. get(0); The cast here occurs at line 3, in the form (String). Although the compiler allows this cast, checks occur at runtime to determine if the object extracted from the Vector really is a String. Chapter 4, “Converting and Casting,” covers casting, the rules governing which casts are legal and which are not, and the nature of the runtime checks that are performed on cast operations. Now that we have considered the unary operators, which have the highest precedence, we will discuss the five arithmetic operators.

11. 12. 13. 14. 0; } } What value is printed out at line 6? A. 0 B. 0 C. 3 D. 3 8. How can you force garbage collection of an object? A. Garbage collection cannot be forced. B. gc(). C. gc(), passing in a reference to the object to be garbage-collected. D. gc(). E. Set all references to the object to new values (null, for example). com 30 Chapter 1 Language Fundamentals 9. What is the range of values that can be assigned to a variable of type short? A. Depends on the underlying hardware B. 0 through 216 − 1 C.

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