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Download Convergence Amidst Difference: Philosophical Conversations by Professor Calvin O Schrag PDF

By Professor Calvin O Schrag

Calvin O. Schrag, one in all America’s major philosophers, traverses the literal and metaphysical barriers of Bulgaria, England, France, Russia, and the Czech Republic and provides a brand new exam of hermeneutics, phenomenology, subjectivity, and transnational identification. He offers his suggestion of rationality—transversal rationality—with strange readability and ease, whereas encouraging the continued philosophic discussion of humankind throughout cultures.

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This would catapult one either into a metaphysics of presence or into a formalism of structure. And it is clearly the case that both of these comprise the principal targets of Derrida’s strategic maneuvers. A possible way out of the dilemma would be to redefine function as grammatological in chararacter and situate the subject as a function of discourse, and more specifically as a function of writing (écriture), privileging the written text over the spoken word. Given Derrida’s repeated harpooning of phonocentrism, such may well be the right interpretive take on the matter.

26 We have traversed some distance in our search for the subject who in recent times has had the very being of his/her subjectivity called into question. We began with some historical observations of the fate of signifiers like “subject,” “ego,” “self,” and “mind” in modern and contemporary philosophy. We made particular note of the declared bankruptcy of these signifiers in the wake of deconstructionist critique. We then consulted the resources of linguistics and discourse analysis, action theory, and the grammar of embodiment in wending our way toward a portrait of the questioner.

In all fairness to Ricoeur, however, it should be pointed out that at the conclusion of his extensive study on temporality and narrativity he does recognize the need to delimit the use of the internal resources of narrational emplotment in one’s effort to deal with the mystery of time. ”12 An element of inscrutability remains in our dealings with time. Narrativity by itself cannot surmount the aporia of temporality. Our contention throughout has been that there is indeed a sociohistorical world of praxis outside the text and outside the narrative.

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