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Download Cosmic Radiations: From Astronomy to Particle Physics by V. Berezinsky (auth.), Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio, PDF

By V. Berezinsky (auth.), Giorgio Giacomelli, Maurizio Spurio, Jamal Eddine Derkaoui (eds.)

Non-accelerator particle physicists, specifically these learning neutrino oscillation experiments, will learn with revenue the in-depth discussions of recent effects and their interpretations. new guidance also are set out for brand new advancements during this and comparable fields. Discussions are provided of neutrino oscillations, neutrino astronomy, excessive power cosmic rays, gravitational waves, magnetic monopoles and darkish topic. the long run large-scale study tasks mentioned contain the experiments on lengthy baseline neutrino beams from CERN to Gran Sasso and Fermilab to the Soudan mine; huge underwater and under-ice experiments; the top power cosmic rays; gravitational waves; and the hunt for brand new debris and new phenomena.

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Lepton number violation would imply processes such as neutrinoless double beta decay (Schechter:1982), novel CP violation effects (Schechter: 1980a; Schechter:1981a), and/or neutrino electromagnetic properties (Schechter: 1981b), so far unobserved. Present data are compatible with either hierarchical or quasi-degenerate neutrino masses. While solar neutrino rates favour the small mixing angle MSW oscillations (Wolfenstein:1978; Smirnov:1986), present data on the recoil-electron spectrum prefer the large mixing solutions.

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