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Download Crîtica de Derrida al fonocentrismo by Habermas Jurgen PDF

By Habermas Jurgen

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When he came to you shouting, you expected a blow. He was the worst in terms of the beating. Of course, there were others who did not beat anyone. They were loved more than those who did. For instance, someone shoots at his target and misses it. He tells you that he is going to show you what it means to miss your target. I somehow placed three shots on my target and two on my friend’s. When it was my friend’s turn, the commander saw him miss three shots, but he could not understand how the two shots on the target had gotten there.

This one was that kind of a guy. This went on till morning. I mean, I would not have minded it if it were the gendarmerie inflicting the beating, but the commando? The lieutenant was trying to get them to admit that they were collecting money for the terrorists. He beat those villagers for three days. No custody or anything. In the mountains, we are the judges. As for us, the soldiers, all we did was to lift the men up each time they fell. I did not even hurt an ant during military service. I have this feeling of pity in me.

There was lots of space there and a flag post. We brought them close to the flag post, blindfolded them, and asked them to kneel down. The first lieutenant was sitting on a chair. ” he asked. “Buying and selling oxen,” was their reply. The guy who said this was kneeling on the ground. The lieutenant hit him on 1 The (elected) head of the village (translator’s note). Should I Shoot Him Right Here? 37 the head and he was knocked to the ground. “Lift him up,” the lieutenant kept saying and we did.

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