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Download Cycle Spaces of Flag Domains. A Complex Geometric Viewpoint by Gregor Fels PDF

By Gregor Fels

This monograph, divided into 4 components, provides a entire remedy and systematic exam of cycle areas of flag domain names. Assuming just a uncomplicated familiarity with the ideas of Lie thought and geometry, this paintings offers a whole constitution concept for those cycle areas, in addition to their purposes to harmonic research and algebraic geometry. Key beneficial properties: * obtainable to readers from quite a lot of fields, with all of the priceless history fabric supplied for the nonspecialist * Many new effects awarded for the 1st time * pushed via a number of examples * The exposition is gifted from the advanced geometric point of view, however the equipment, purposes and masses of the incentive additionally come from genuine and intricate algebraic teams and their representations, in addition to different components of geometry * Comparisons with classical Barlet cycle areas are given * strong bibliography and index. Researchers and graduate scholars in differential geometry, advanced research, harmonic research, illustration idea, transformation teams, algebraic geometry, and parts of world geometric research will reap the benefits of this paintings.

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1), so it is a parabolic subalgebra of g. 4. Let q ⊂ g be a subalgebra that contains the Borel subalgebra given by b = h + α∈ + g−α of g. Then there is a set of simple roots such that q=q . Proof. Define = {ψ ∈ | gψ ⊂ q}. Then q ⊂ q, and we must prove q ⊂ q . Both contain b, so this comes down to showing that α ∈ + , gα ⊂ q implies nψ (α) = 0 whenever ψ ∈ \ . We will prove this by induction on the level (α) = nψ (α). If (α) = 1 then α is simple, and so gα ⊂ q implies α ∈ . Then ψ ∈ / implies ψ = α.

1. Let G0 be a real form of the complex semisimple Lie group G, let τ denote complex conjugation of g over g0 , and consider an orbit G0 (z) on a complex flag manifold Z = G/Q. Then there exist a τ -stable Cartan subalgebra h ⊂ qz of g, a positive root system + = + (g, h), and a set of simple roots, such that qz = q and Qz = Q . 2. 1, qz ∩ τ qz is the semidirect sum of its nilpotent radical (q−n ∩ τ q−n ) + (qr ∩ τ q−n ) + (q−n ∩ τ qr ) with the Levi complement qr ∩ τ q r = h + gα . r ∩τ In particular, dimR g0 ∩ qz = dimC qr + | r ∩τ n n |.

3) says [g[γi ], g[γj ]] = 0 for 1 i < j r. 4) tγi and a = 1 i r aγi . 5) t = t + (t ∩ t⊥ ) and h = a + (t ∩ t⊥ ). 6) c = exp π 4 √ −1(eγi − fγi ) satisfies Ad(c )t = a . 7) t0 = g0 ∩ t and h ,0 = g0 ∩ h are not Ad(G0 )-conjugate except in the trivial case where is empty, for the Killing form has rank m = dim t0 and signature 2| | − m on h ,0 . More precisely, we have the following. 8. Every Cartan subalgebra of g0 is Ad(G0 )-conjugate to one of the h ,0 , and Cartan subalgebras h ,0 and h ,0 are Ad(G0 )-conjugate if and only if the cardinalities | | = | |.

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