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Download Database Needs for Modeling and Simulation of Plasma by National Research Council, Division on Engineering and PDF

By National Research Council, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Applications Commission on Physical Sciences, Panel on Database Needs in Plasma Processing

In spite of its excessive price and technical significance, plasma apparatus remains to be principally designed empirically, with little support from laptop simulation. Plasma technique keep watch over is rudimentary. Optimization of plasma reactor operation, together with changes to house more and more stringent controls on plant emissions, is played predominantly via trial and blunder. there's now a powerful and becoming financial incentive to enhance at the conventional tools of plasma reactor and method layout, optimization, and keep watch over. An visible approach for either chip brands and plasma gear providers is to hire large-scale modeling and simulation. the foremost roadblock to additional improvement of this promising approach is the inability of a database for the various actual and chemical procedures that ensue within the plasma. the knowledge which are presently on hand are usually scattered in the course of the medical literature, and checks in their reliability are typically unavailable. Database wishes for Modeling and Simulation of Plasma Processing identifies techniques so as to add information to the prevailing database, to enhance entry to the database, and to evaluate the reliability of the to be had info. as well as making a choice on an important wishes, this record assesses the experimental and theoretical/computational ideas that may be used, or has to be constructed, as a way to start to fulfill those needs.

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One way to begin this process is to make spectroscopic measurements of as many of the radicals and stable species in a fluorocarbon plasma as possible. This might include sampling for a mass spectrometer, optical emission spectroscopy, laser-reduced fluorescence, ultraviolet absorption, and infrared (IR) absorption (with a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer or a diode laser) for the gas phase species. Surface species might be identified with reflectance-absorbance IR measurements, or with total internal reflection methods, or possibly some form of spectroscopic ellipsometry.

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