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By Parvaneh Pourshariati

As acknowledged within the Editorial publication stories, this ebook proposes to rewrite the main points of the historical past of the Arab conquest of Iran. the writer has taken a really distinctive examine the entire info on hand for the period, together with lately released coin and seal information. in line with this she, identifies lineage, names and periods of the Kings/Queens, fundamental advisors and generals of the Sassanian empire instantly sooner than and through the Arab conquest.From this she then correlates the timing and management with the Arab documents of the conquest. This ends up in an important swap within the dates of the early battles, which has implications for early Islamic heritage (which the ebook doesn't address).The publication is definitely written and intensely good referenced. It offers the 1st transparent examine a formerly very doubtful time in Persian history.I am convinced that individuals will argue concerning the common sense and accuracy of the paintings as there's a great amount of recent conclusions and understandings. To my interpreting the booklet is sensible and total makes a pretty compelling case. I although am now not a historian.

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57. 108 Neusner 1963, pp. 50–58. 109 For a critical account of Khorenats‘i and his work, which Thomson dates to the “first decades of Abbasid control over Armenia,” see the introduction by Thomson, pp. 1–63, here p. 60, in Khorenats i, Moses, Moses Khorenats‘i: History of the Armenians, Harvard University Press, 1978, translated by Robert W. Thomson (Khorenats i 1978). 110 Also known as Phraataces. 2: AGNATIC FAMILIES his progeny “bore the title of Aspahpet Pahlav,”111 the family who later came to be known as the Ispahbudh¯an family.

98 For a summary bibliography, see footnote 84. 99 Schippmann 1980, pp. 81–89, especially p. 88–89, Schippmann 2005, pp. 100–107; Neusner 1963. 1: T HE A RSACIDS for scholarship. Here we are in the realm of conjectural history. Schippman provides one scenario for this: after his coronation, Arsaces I, as the commander of a small army, at once found himself sovereign not only over the Parni, but also over the population living in the conquered territories. Arsaces had to exert, therefore, all his efforts during this period toward strengthening his rule.

Narratives of classical Islamic historiography become essential to our study. 62 These are designated under the rubric of fut¯uh. 63 Examining the fut¯uh. narratives in the context of the Xw ad¯ayN¯amag historiography, we shall establish that Noth’s contention that Iran is a primary theme in classical Arab historiography is unmistakably valid. abar¯ı and those who followed him, have seriously undermined the chronology of the early Arab conquest of Sasanian territories as well as that of early Islamic history.

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