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Download Developing Microsoft ASP.NET Server Controls and Components by Nikhil Kothari PDF

By Nikhil Kothari

This entire consultant combines conceptual and architectural information with useful, how-to details and real-world code samples to teach the right way to create customized, reusable, professional-quality server controls with wealthy design-time performance.

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NET Framework. NET server controls, you'll see that the underlying event pattern in server controls is the same as in the sample described here. NET Framework attribute construct allows you to supply metadata for your component and its members. The information contained in the metadata attribute is queried using reflection by the runtime or by design-time tools. Let's look at the syntax for the attribute construct. BrowsableAttribute. BrowsableAttribute is a design-time metadata attribute that tells the designer whether or not to display a property in the property browser.

The Introduction of this book contains a brief description of FxCop and provides the location from which you can download this tool. I l@ve RuBoard I l@ve RuBoard Managed Component Overview If you have developed COM or ActiveX components, you will find managed components significantly easier to develop. Managed components execute on top of the common language runtime (CLR) and automatically benefit from CLR features such as language interoperability, automatic memory management, and code access security.

The occurrence or change in state could be initiated by a user interface action, such as when a user clicks a button, or caused by some other program logic, such as when a method finishes reading records from a database. The class that raises the event (sends the notification) is called the event source or sender, and the class that receives the event is called the event sink or receiver. Event-based architecture uses the publish-subscribe model in which the source (or publisher) of an event allows its users (or subscribers) to specify logic that is executed when the event occurs.

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