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Download Developing Professional Applications for Windows 98 and NT by Marshall Brain, Lance Lovette PDF

By Marshall Brain, Lance Lovette

Designed to illustrate the way to strengthen specialist home windows functions utilizing MFC and instruments just like the AppWizard and ClassWizard. Designed to maneuver you swiftly to the purpose the place you could create your individual wealthy, full-featured functions with C++ and MFC. Softcover. CD-ROM incorporated.

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A modeless dialog box can appear at the same time as the application and seems to “float above” it to keep from being overlaid. 2. The MDI system allows the user to view multiple documents at the same time within a single instance of an application. For example, a text editor might allow the user to open multiple files simultaneously. When implemented with MDI, the application presents a large application window that can hold multiple sub-windows, each containing a document. The single main menu is held by the main application window and it applies to the topmost window held within the MDI frame.

When there are many objects on the screen, the application becomes very large. It can take a quite a bit of code simply to figure out which object was clicked and what to do about it. Fortunately, you can work at a much higher level of abstraction. In MFC, almost all these low-level implementation details are handled for you. If you want to place a user interface object on the screen, you create it with two lines of code. If the user clicks on a button, the button does everything needed to update its appearance on the screen and then calls a pre-arranged function in your program.

On the other hand, MFC is a fairly thin covering over the C functions, so there is little or no performance penalty imposed by its use. It is also easy to customize things using the standard C calls when necessary because MFC does not modify or hide the basic structure of a Windows program. The best part about using MFC is that it does all the hard work for you. The hierarchy contains thousands and thousands of lines of correct, optimized, and robust Windows code. Many of the member functions that you call invoke code that would have taken you weeks to write yourself.

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