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59 59 A patient with radiation exposure . (a)What are the early problems? (b )What are the late eye complications? 60 (a)Name the conditions shown. (b)What is the cause? (c)What are the symptoms? 60 31 99 99 A section from a case of diabetic retinopathy. (a) What does the histology show? (b )How is the histology represented clinically? 100 (a)What is this tumour? (b )What feature is shown? (c)With what chromosomal abnormality may it be associated? 100 48 101 101 (a) What abnormality is shown in this microscopy section (Masson Trichrome stain)?

173 In which corneal layer is the anomaly indicated by the arrow?

152 71 153 153 Is this congenital or inflammatory? l54 154-156 (a)Do these pictures show the same pathology, (b )If so, what is the diagnosis? (c)What is the differential diagnosis of the advanced stage? l55 72 1~ 157 (a)What is the IS' descriptive term for this disc appearance? (b)What is the under! ying cause? What other congenital anomaly may be associated? 73 158 158 What is the association between this , Demodex folliculorum and rhinophyma? / / 159,160 (a)What have the illustrations in common?

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