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By Ghenadie Anghel

What type of company- and intercultural difficulties do German businesses come upon at the course in the direction of globally working businesses? To what quantity should still they carry directly to, regulate or abandon their usual values and practices in a brand new company setting? What needs to they rather count on whereas increasing into the Russian marketplace? Ghenadie Anghel supplies solutions to those questions about the root of unveiling interviews with normal administrators and senior executives of 27 Russian subsidiaries of huge DAX-listed businesses in addition to medium-sized hidden champions.

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395). 9 Behavior patterns are specific forms of human action influenced by similarities and differences of culture. 7 8 16 analyzing international network companies. In his opinion, this analysis should include a differentiated view of the transnationalization of social spaces along the dimensions of social practices, symbol systems and artifacts (Pries, 2008, p. 260), that is a threedimensional corporate cultural perspective. 3. Corporate Culture as an Integration and Coordination Factor in International Network Enterprises The re-birth in the late 1980s of the cultural perspective in modern social sciences, not least due to the radiography of Kulturgesellschaft based on interaction between economy and culture and containing a new hermeneutic approach to economic activity (Schwengel, 1989, pp.

4. Corporate Cultural Profile of Overseas Subsidiaries Although there is no one best way to analyze corporate cultural issues (Hofstede, 1990, p. 314), there are methods to develop the tools required to examine them. Firstly, such analysis should shift the conceptualization of enterprises from the classical approach of organization as closed to open and from a rational to social system acting in a closed national environment (Peters & Waterman, 2004, p. 119). This requires enterprises to be viewed as open social systems, whereas ‘third gear’12 globalization perspective underscores their new nature as social action within an open transnational network environment (p.

The increase in cross-border activities of international enterprises therefore inevitably heightens the functional relevance of this ‘soft subsystem’. For companies building transnational network communities around the world, corporate culture indeed represents a core element of modern business management through the setting of values and goals to which employees can self-identify. The challenges to a corporate culture vary tremendously in complexity, from a simple adaptation in negotiation style in the first business contact phase, through to the problems associated when entering into cross-national joint-ventures or founding overseas production units in the last stage of expansion.

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