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Destructive overvoltages do not occur when group-operated switching is provided. Pole-mounted transformers are switched so close to transformer terminals that there is not sufficient line capacitance for resonance. Clearing of one fuse in a line should not be a problem, because the transformer is loaded at that time. Very rarely are aerial lines long enough to provide enough capacitance to cause ferroresonante. (3) Occurrence. Ferroresonance may occur on long underground circuits which are single-pole switched.

Pole line analyses will be provided and will show calculations for pole strengths, guying, span length, and sags. 06 feet) and then checking the validity of the assumption, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Conductor manufacturers have computer programs which have been developed to perform these calculations. 4 feet of sag and 2,870 pounds tension. The variation results because of elastic creep; however, the variation in values of about 15 percent, in this case, provides a more conservative design or an additional safety factor.

Transition points. Transition points between aerial and underground sections (riser poles) will be provided with primary fuse cutouts and surge arresters for protection of the underground cables and cable-supplied equipment. When the underground service supplies two or more transformers, some of which may be remotely located, fuse TM cutouts will be of the loadbreak type. When the underground feeder supplies only one transformer installation in the immediate vicinity of the riser pole, nonloadbreak fused cutouts may be acceptable.

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