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Download Ethnicity: Theory and Experience by Nathan Glazer, Daniel P. Moynihan PDF

By Nathan Glazer, Daniel P. Moynihan

This quantity launches a far-reaching exploration into the that means, manifestations, and value of ethnicity in glossy society and politics. The authors search neither to have fun nor to deplore ethnicity, yet fairly to check it as a foundation of social association which in glossy societies has completed a value equivalent to that of social category. Ethnicity shows that minority teams around the globe aren't any longer doing what society for centuries has anticipated them to do―assimilate, disappear, or suffer as unique, difficult survivors. as an alternative, their numbers increased by way of immigration, their studies and struggles reflected to each other by way of the foreign mass media, minorities became very important, hugely awake forces inside of just about all modern societies.

Ethnicity has performed a pivotal function in contemporary social switch; it has advanced right into a political suggestion, a mobilizing precept, and a good technique of advancing team pursuits. including Glazer and Moynihan, Harold Isaacs, Talcott Parsons, Martin Kilson, Orlando Patterson, Daniel Bell, Milton Esman, Milton Gordon, William Petersen, and others carry analytic readability to the wealthy proposal of “ethnicity.” Their attempt to give an explanation for why ethnic id has turn into extra salient, ethnic self-assertion more advantageous, and ethnic clash extra extreme is helping to enhance a catholic view of ethnicity: this surpasses constrained different types of race and nationality; contains the outdated international and the hot, economically constructed in addition to constructing countries; and provides a vast number of theoretical methods. proposing the readers with a wealth of perceptions, issues of view, and examples, Ethnicity: conception and Experience will impress dialogue and argument for years to come.

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I n n e r Mongolia. Kwangsi a n d Ningsia a n d t h e Province of Y u n n a n have been a d m i t t e d into the C o m m u n i s t Party of C h i n a since the Ninth Party Congress in 1969. T h e y include T i b e t a n s , M o n g o l i a n s , U i g h u r s , C h u a n g s , Huis. Koreans, Kazakhs, Yaos a n d Miaos. Most of t h e new part) m e m b e r s a r e workers a n d f o r m e r p o o r and lower-middle peasants or h e r d s m e n . T h e r e is a certain n u m b e r of revolutionary intellectuals.

T h u s t h e r e is s o m e legitimacy to finding that forms of identification b a s e d o n social r e a l i t i e s a s d i f f e r e n t a s r e l i g i o n , l a n g u a g e , a n d n a t i o n a l o r i g i n all h a v e s o m e t h i n g i n c o m m o n , s u c h t h a t a n e w t e r m i s c o i n e d t o r e f e r t o all o f t h e m — " e t h n i c i t y . " W h a t t h e y h a v e i n c o m m o n i s t h a t t h e y h a v e all b e c o m e e f f e c t i v e foci f o r g r o u p m o b i l i z a t i o n f o r c o n c r e t e political e n d s c h a l l e n g i n g t h e p r i m a c y f o r s u c h m o b i l i z a t i o n o f class o n t h e o n e h a n d a n d nation o n t h e o t h e r .

T h i s does o c c u r in s o m e m u l t i - g r o u p s i t u a t i o n s — m o r e today in t h e A m e r i c a n society, for e x a m p l e , than it did only yesterday, as Catholics, Jews, blacks, a n d o t h e r s s o well k n o w — b u t t a k e s p l a c e m o s t c o m m o n l y i n t h e e n c l o s u r e o f h o m o g e n e o u s g r o u p s , w h e r e t h e basic g r o u p i d e n t i t y i s a g i v e n , s h a r e d b y all. I n m o s t s u c h c a s e s i n m i x e d societies, h o w e v e r , the "outside" is quite nearby and out there it becomes necessary to Basic G r o u p Identity 35 face w h a t K u r t L e w i n c a l l e d t h e " u n c e r t a i n t y o f b e l o n g i n g n e s s , " the c h a l l e n g e to self-esteem, in dealings with m e m b e r s of o t h e r g r o u p s , b e t h e y m o r e p o w e r f u l o r less.

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