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Download Fault-Tolerant Process Control: Methods and Applications by Prashant Mhaskar PDF

By Prashant Mhaskar

Fault-Tolerant strategy Control specializes in the advance of common, but sensible, tools for the layout of complex fault-tolerant keep watch over structures; those determine a good fault detection and a well timed reaction to augment fault restoration, hinder faults from propagating or constructing into overall disasters, and decrease the danger of safeguard dangers. To this finish, equipment are awarded for the layout of complex fault-tolerant regulate platforms for chemical tactics which explicitly take care of actuator/controller disasters and sensor faults and knowledge losses. particularly, the booklet places ahead:

· A framework for detection, isolation and analysis of actuator and sensor faults for nonlinear systems;

· Controller reconfiguration and safe-parking-based fault-handling methodologies;

· Integrated-data- and model-based fault-detection and isolation and fault-tolerant keep an eye on methods;

· equipment for dealing with sensor faults and knowledge losses; and

· tools for tracking the functionality of low-level PID loops.

The methodologies proposed hire nonlinear structures research, Lyapunov options, optimization, statistical tools and hybrid platforms conception and are predicated upon the belief of integrating fault-detection, neighborhood suggestions regulate, and supervisory regulate. The applicability and function of the tools are tested via a couple of chemical method examples. Fault-Tolerant method Control is a invaluable source for tutorial researchers, commercial practitioners in addition to graduate scholars pursuing learn during this area.

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In the first part, we show that the filter detects a fault if and only if one occurs, and in the second part we establish closed-loop stability under the switching rule of Eq. 8). 9) i f with mi (Ti ) = 0. Since wT f = xT f , we have that i i f f (xT f ) + g(xT f ) ui (xT f ) + mi Ti i i f = g(xT f )mi Ti i i . 11) f if and only if mi (Ti ) = 0. 13) f if and only if mi (Ti ) = 0. Part 2: We prove closed-loop stability for the two possible cases; first, if no switching occurs, and second, if a switch occurs at a time Tis .

The answer to the first question involves the design of an appropriate fault-detection filter. , that of deciding which backup controller should be activated in the event of a fault, will be based on the stability regions under the individual control configuration. To this end, we next review a state feedback control design that allows for characterizing the constrained stability region under each control configuration. Note that this particular choice of the controller is presented only as an example to illustrate our results, and that any other controller design that allows for an explicit characterization of the constrained stability region can be used instead.

N such that the change of coordinates ζ1 = y = h(x), ζ2 = y˙ = Lf h(x), . . , ζr = y (r−1) = Lr−1 f h(x), η1 = ψr+1 , . . 41) 22 2 Background on Nonlinear Systems and Control is locally invertible and transforms, along with the feedback law of Eq. 40), the system of Eq. 33) into ζ˙1 = ζ2 , .. 42) .. η˙ n−r = Ψn−r (ζ, η), y = ζ1 , n where Ψ1 (ζ, η) = Lr+1 f h(x), Ψn−r (ζ, η) = Lf h(x). The states η1 , . . , ηn−r have been rendered unobservable from the output y by the control of Eq. 40). Hence, feedback linearization in this case is the nonlinear equivalent of placing n − r poles of a linear system at the origin and canceling the r zeros with the remaining poles.

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