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Download Fens and Bogs in the Netherlands: Vegetation, History, by J. T. A. Verhoeven (auth.), Jos T. A. Verhoeven (eds.) PDF

By J. T. A. Verhoeven (auth.), Jos T. A. Verhoeven (eds.)

This quantity specializes in the geology, land use background, palaeoecology, ecology and conservation of peatlands (fens and bathrooms) within the Netherlands. the amount offers unique bills that, jointly, provide a consultant photograph of the reports which were performed within the Dutch mires over the last 25 years.
Contents: bankruptcy 1: Verhoeven -- advent. bankruptcy 2: Pons -- is a entire geographic and pedological account of peat formation in area and time within the western coastal simple. bankruptcy three: Casparia and Streefkerk -- is an in depth description of some of the phases of improvement from fen to lavatory of the Bourtanger Moor. bankruptcy four: Borger and Stol -- information the background of peat draining, digging and dredging within the Netherlands and Flanders. bankruptcy five: Barkman -- offers with bathroom remnants within the jap Netherlands and northwestern Germany. This bankruptcy additionally comprises info on oligotrophic heath swimming pools that have a crops that's just like that present in toilets. Chapters 6: Den Held; 7: Van Wirdum et al.; eight: Koerselman and Verhoeven -- are chapters on crops, synecology and nutrient dynamics of fens and bankruptcy nine: Wiegers -- focuses usually on terrestrializing fens which are so attribute of the western Netherlands the place they shortly take place in turf ponds created via peat dredging in former centuries. bankruptcy 10: Vermeer and Joosten -- concludes the amount with a remedy of issues of mire conservation and administration.

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The drainage-system with the old names of the peat brooks and streamlets and the principal territorial units and secondary territorial units and their boundaries. B. location of the old villages and some toponyms indicating the kind of vegetation and land use, after Pons & Van Oosten 1974, partly after De Cock 1965. Legend: 1. Well-drained soils of the Pleistocene landscape; 2. Sphagnum peat, partly raised bogs; 3. Supposed coast line in the Early Middle Ages; 4. Present coast line; 5. Peat brooks , streamlets and creeks , location established ; 6.

During pre-Roman times (0-1), the freshwater tidal zone probably extended much deeper inland, as may be concluded from the tidal creek system near Alblasserdam from that time (Figs 19 and 22). In the Middle Ages (0-111), the sea also penetrated again (Fig. g. by the marine incursions into the Westland (Roorda van Eysinga 1988). The influence of the Rijn and MaaslSchelde estuaries on the mires. Along the banks of the estuaries of these rivers, tidal movement of fresh river water and brackish water determined the botanical composition of the accumulating peat.

River-floodpl ain deposits; 9. Open water with subaquatic deposits. -/1'X,, lib I I /~ I I /~ / ~«; . lib \ \ o ! 2 I 4, 6km , / q , . "- -... i. _ - / // ~~ /v~v _/ . . /-~~~ ~ ~ // THOLEN Fig. 15. Tentative reconstruction of the peat brooks and raised bogs of Schouwen I Roompot (A), Duiveland / northern Tholen (B) and Dreischor / Grevelingen (C), after data of Kuipers (1960) and Van Rummelen (1970). Legend : 1. Coastal barriers; 2. Reconstructed raised bogs, based on established and supposed oligotrophic peat occurrences; 3.

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