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Download Food And Evolution: Toward a Theory of Human Food Habits by Marvin Harris PDF

By Marvin Harris

"Many subject matters of curiosity to overall healthiness pros, comparable to vegetarianism, nutritional fibers, lactose intolerance, favism, cannibalism and adjustments in dietary prestige wrought through the decline of hunter-gathering and the increase of horticulture. Many sections will entice the overall reader." --Journal of utilized nutrients "Exceptionally well-edited. prime quality person papers are of similar scope and are uniformly good referenced and distinctive in presentation of aiding information Introductory and concluding chapters in addition to part overviews create an built-in whole." --Choice "Compelling...complete and...recommended." --Science Books & motion pictures "Should be of price to all nutrients educators who've an curiosity within the social, cultural, and overseas points of meals and nutrition." --Journal of meals schooling

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Few might survive the long, arduous winters (Handley 1953:69-71; Lea 1977), but at least those that did not had not taken food out of human mouths, while those that did could be restored in the spring to provide milk and cheese or sold to pay rent and enable people to buy oats with which to supplement their diet of dairy products (Grant 1961; Keltie 1875; Smout 1969). On the other hand, with the demise of deciduous forest, the pig had become "the farm animal least able to live off the country" (Darling 1955:326), and evidence suggests that although their numbers declined, those that remained acquired a powerful reputation for a rapacious omnivory that threatened everything from crops to untended infants (O'Dell 1939; Sinclair 1796:227).

First, from newly settled regions in the Americas had come new cultigens such as maize and potatoes, which laid the basis for a new intensification of mixed agriculture. The potato in particular opened up formerly marginal lands and supplemented grain harvests-a contribution of critical importance in areas such as Scotland and Switzerland, where climatic conditions made cereal production so problematical. As Netting has written of the latter country, where potato cultivation spread during the first decade of the 19th century: The growing of potatoes permitted the use of a wider range of land, including highaltitude, steep, and fallow plots, for food production; potatoes required little or no new investment for cultivating and processing tools; they achieved higher caloric yields per unit of land with perhaps less labor expenditure; they were more dependable than grain in the alpine zone; and they filled a nutritional need.

Ecology, Economy, and Domesticated Animals in Europe In looking, in an earlier section, at taboos in the Neotropics, I tried to demonstrate that the valuation of certain animals as food varied according to various material factors that affected the costs involved in obtaining them, relative to alternative resources. In general, despite the many obvious differences between societies that depend on hunting and those that depend on animal domestication, much the same argument applies to the latter.

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