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Download Foundation Expression Blend 3 with Silverlight by Victor Gaudioso PDF

By Victor Gaudioso

The only software for constructing cross-platform wealthy web purposes (RIAs) for that final eleven years has been Flash; previously! Silverlight three lets you improve cross-platform wealthy net purposes in a fragment of the time a result of huge and intensely robust .NET 3.5 libraries, the strong, layout pleasant combination three IDE, and an more suitable workflow that permits designers and builders to paintings at the related set of records on the related time.
* improve lovely RIAs in a brief time.
* research a few uncomplicated object-oriented programming principles.
* Get conversant in the mixture three improvement setting.

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Here you can set properties such as What cursor an object will display when the mouse is over it (by specifying a value in the Cursor field) Whether the object can detect hits (by enabling the IsHitTestVisible option) Whether the object will display a tooltip and what it will read (by specifying text in the ToolTip field) Figure 2-51. The Common Properties bucket of the Properties panel 39 CHAPTER 2 One thing I want to cover in more depth is the Cursor property. In Silverlight, no control by default shows the hand cursor when you mouse over it—not even the >qppkj control.

Notice that your Na_p]jcha now has an arrow over it running in the same direction as your gradient (starting at the left and pointing right), as you see in Figure 2-18. You can now use this arrow to manipulate your gradient. 7. Place your cursor over the arrow until it turns into a hand— when it does, click and drag your mouse to change the size of the gradient. Figure 2-18. The gradient arrow 8. Next, move your cursor around the tip of the arrow until your cursor turns into a curved, two-headed arrow; you can now click and hold the mouse to rotate your gradient from top to bottom, as in Figure 2-19.

If you continue to type the word Button, all controls with the word Button in them will appear. Currently, there are five controls with the word Button in them . . I know that not because I am a genius, but because I tried the search I just mentioned while writing this chapter. Which brings up a good point: oftentimes we Silverlight developers forget the names of controls. When we do, the Asset Library is a great place to come to browse through them. kjpnkh (we will do this in a later chapter), it will show up here under the Custom Controls tab.

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