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Download French Philosophy of the Sixties: An Essay on Antihumanism by Luc Ferry PDF

By Luc Ferry

In view that its book in France in 1985, this critique of the most currents in modern French notion has caused debate over the nature of postmodern philosophy. Luc Ferry and Alain Renaut supply sociopolitical research of the may possibly 1968 scholar rebellion in France, discover the relationship among the rebellion and the increase of postmodern idea, and query no matter if pupil dissent used to be a real humanist response to stipulations in France at the moment.

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In this regard, it is interesting to analyze two significant examples of how the German heritage was handled on this particular point (the questioning of humanism), in order to show from which kind of work on German philosophy French antihumanism derived. 1. From Heidegger to Derrida In Letter on Humanism ( 1946) Heidegger explained that, if philosophy can no longer "be characterized as humanism," it is "to the extent that humanism thinks from a metaphysical point of view" 33 or, more precisely, that it corresponds to the truly modern side of metaphysics, that is, the metaphysics of subjectivity.

P. 227 . 43 K. Marx, La Question juive, "10/18," p. 26 ( Zur Judenfrage, in MEGA, I, vol. 1, p. 576). -23foundly humanistic, because it was motivated by a valorization of the "real individual," thus by a "concrete" or "real" humanism. 44 Marx's true theoretical revolution consisted from that time on of a break with any humanism, abstract or concrete, so that, here again, a sort of decentering of the gaze might result. What is in question is, in fact, rejecting any idea of basing history on an essence of man, in any mode whatsoever, and therefore objecting to man as the subject of history and to history as the history of man's alienation from his essence and subsequent return to self.

And on this basis it would be so simple to multiply the examples of deliberately paradoxical statements or of discourses that refuse the test of clarification (the taste for transparency being suspect here, by definition). The search for a philosophy that "means nothing," asserted as such, is best expressed in Glas, the no doubt quintessential "sixties" discourse: "Sous l'effet de l'obliquide, l'érection est toujours en train de s'épancher pour tomber. Voire s'inverser. gl protège contre la schize que gl produit.

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