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Download Frequency domain criteria for absolute stability : a by Dmitry Altshuller PDF

By Dmitry Altshuller

Frequency area standards for Absolute balance specializes in recently-developed equipment of delay-integral-quadratic constraints to supply standards for absolute balance of nonlinear regulate structures. The recognized or assumed houses of the procedure are the foundation from which balance standards are built. via those equipment, many classical effects are evidently prolonged, rather to time-periodic but in addition to nonstationary platforms. Mathematical must haves together with Lebesgue-Stieltjes measures and integration are first defined in an off-the-cuff sort with technically more challenging proofs offered in separate sections that may be passed over with out lack of continuity. the implications are offered within the frequency area - the shape during which they evidently are inclined to come up. on occasion, the frequency-domain standards may be switched over into computationally tractable linear matrix inequalities yet in others, specially people with a undeniable geometric interpretation, inferences relating balance will be made at once from the frequency-domain inequalities. The publication is meant for utilized mathematicians and keep an eye on structures theorists. it may possibly even be of substantial use to mathematically-minded engineers operating with nonlinear structures. learn more... A ancient Survey -- Foundations -- balance Multipliers -- Time-Periodic structures

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The proof is completed by verification of minimal stability as described in Subsect. 3. Let the measure μ (τ ) be generated by a nondecreasing function ϑ (τ ) . 2) in the form of Lebesgue-Stieltjes and apply the canonical decomposition to obtain +∞  −∞ eiωτ d μ (τ ) = +∞  eiωτ dϑ (τ ) = −∞ +∞ e iω t z (t )dt + ∞ z e j iω b j , j =1 −∞ where z (t ) is the absolutely continuous component of the function ϑ (τ ) , which is also assumed to have jumps of magnitude zj at points τ = b j . This reduces the frequency condition to the one obtained by Zames and Falb [172, 173].

Conversely, every nonnegative measure can be generated by a nondecreasing function. 4) can, therefore, be understood in the sense of Lebesgue-Stieltjes. This is the approach used in [7]. It makes some of the proofs more cumbersome. The following lemma relates the frequency condition with the inequality in the definition of the absolute stability. 3. 4) is met, then there exists a constant λ > 0 such that for any process z (⋅) ∈ L ∩ Mγ∞ ( z (⋅) ≤ λ α (⋅) + 2 2 γ j ) [ z (⋅)] . 5) The proof of this lemma is given in Sect.

We are going to consider only locally square-integrable signals. In other words, it will be assumed that σ (⋅) ∈ L2loc (0, ∞ ) and ξ (⋅) ∈ L2loc (0, ∞) , where L2loc (0, ∞) denotes a set of functions, square-integrable on any interval [0; t ] . Stated differently, L2loc (0, ∞) is an extended space L2 (0; +∞ ) or the space of functions with globally square-integrable truncations. N For the purposes of this chapter, we define the set as follows: For any ξ (⋅), σ (⋅) ∈ L (0, ∞ ) , there exists a sequence tk → ∞ , possibly dependent on σ (⋅) and ξ (⋅) such that for some numbers γ j ≥ 0 2 loc ∀τ ∈ j ⊆  + : tk   (σ (t ), ξ (t ), σ (t − τ ), ξ (t − τ ) )dt + γ j j ≥ 0, j=1,2,…N.

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