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By Professor Dr. Walter Greiner, Professor Dr. Berndt Müller (auth.)

"Gauge thought of susceptible Interactions" treats the unification of electromagnetic and susceptible interactions and considers similar phenomena. First, the Fermi conception of beta decay is gifted, by way of a dialogue of parity violation, which clarifies the significance of symmetries. Then the concept that of a spontaneously damaged gauge idea is brought, and the entire precious mathematical instruments are conscientiously constructed. The "standard version" of unified electroweak interactions is punctiliously mentioned, together with present advancements. the ultimate bankruptcy includes an creation to unified theories of sturdy and electroweak interactions. a variety of solved examples and difficulties make this quantity uniquely perfect as a textual content for a sophisticated path.

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That the violation of parity is not only a property of nuclear {3 decay, but generally occurs in decays mediated by the weak interaction, had been shown shortly after Wu's experiment in two brilliant experiments. __... p+ Fig. 11. Helicities in the decay of the pion. 32) where they made use of the twofold action of parity violation. In the 7r+ decay the neutrino has purely negative helicity. Owing to angular-momentum conservation, the muon must have negative helicity, too, in the pion rest frame (see Fig.

DW(p. 70) This result is most interesting. We notice that for energies p 0 » me the electron is predicted tobe in an almost completely left-handed state. 71) Next we consider the experiment in which the angular distribution of the electrons emitted in the decay of polarized muons is measured. 54). The value of the muon spin is assumed to be fixed. 50), which we denote once more dW = G2 7rd3p 3 (21r)5p 10p 0 [ 1 2 1 1a (p - p) (p - mJLs) (p- mes)a. 50) can be abbreviated by 8(p~ax -p 0). Now the summation ofthe expression in the bracket [ ...

C career in Copenhagen, where he received his doctorate in 1911 and became university professor in 1916. His Institute for Theoretical Physics (supported by the Carlsberg brewery) became the focus of the development of quantum mechanics in the 1920s and 1930s. He developed the first quantum model of the atom, the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and the liquid drop model of the atomic nucleus. He received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1922. During the second World War Bohr saved many Jewish scientists from persecution by the Nazi regime.

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