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Download Genital Papillomavirus Infections: Modern Diagnosis and by K. J. Syrjänen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Gerd Gross, Prof. Dr. PDF

By K. J. Syrjänen (auth.), Prof. Dr. Gerd Gross, Prof. Dr. Stefania Jablonska, Prof. Dr. Herbert Pfister, Prof. Dr. Hans-Egon Stegner (eds.)

Genital Papillomavirus Infections offers a cutting-edge survey at the scientific facets, analysis, therapy, and prevention of genital papillomavirus infections, written via specialists within the respective fields. introductory sections on epidemiology and molecular biology are via chapters on new innovations for the detection of genital papillomaviruses and their presence in genital carcinomas. Contributions at the medical points conceal infections of the cervix, female and male exterior genitalia, urethra, and oral hollow space. A dialogue of the immunobiology of papillomaviruses leads to an assessment of the clients for vaccination, and the applying of podophyllotoxin, cryosurgery, laser remedy, and interferon therapy are defined intimately. This ebook is exclusive in putting a powerful emphasis on scientific points of genital papillomavirus infections. in most cases addressed to clinicians, it presents functional instructions on equipment for his or her analysis and treatment.

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The genome organization of all papillomaviruses sequenced to date is very uniform (Fig. 1). All putative protein-coding sequences (open reading frames, ORFs) are located on one DNA strand and occupy similar positions relative to each other. The ORFs are classified as early (E) or late (L) to denote their expression in the viral replication cycle. Early ORFs encode proteins involved in transcription control, viral DNA replication, and oncogenic transformation. The late ORFs encode structural proteins.

Lancet 2:816-817 11. Oriel JD (1971) Natural history of genital warts. Br J Vener Dis 47:1-13 12. Ostrow RS, Zachow KR, Niimura M, Okagaki T, Muller S, Bender M, Faras AJ (1986) Detection of papillomavirus DNA in human semen. Science 231:731-733 13. Pilotti S, Rilke F, De Palo G, Della Torre G, Alasio L (1981) Condylomata of the uterine cervix and koilocytosis of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia. J Clin Pathol 34:532-541 14. Rosemberg SK (1985) Subclinical papilloma viral infection of male genitalia.

L ';j ';j e Il. ::x:: IZl o 01 ! ] e "2Il. :Illl a Ell :E III III ::><: I! fig Open reading frame 1 2 3 ~ §] 7945 lEID E2 ~ DD 1M I I 12 11 E3 E5 copy number cell I'" : 1 1 1 1 establishment '\ 6-, T \ \ \ maintenance replication Fig. 3. Functions involved in the DNA replication of BPV1. Top, Physical map of BPV1 and positions of two sequences, which support plasmid maintenance (hatched areas). One of them appears to function as origin of maintenance DNA replication during latent infection (oriM).

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