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By Richard D. Mahoney

Americans have been stunned to profit that considered one of our personal had fought for the Taliban. rising froma grotesque conflict on the finish of the Afghan battle onto the night information, the so-called American Taliban could turn into associated inextricably to the CIA paramilitary who interrogated him, All-American Hero Mike Spann, who died in that conflict, crushed and tortured to dying. Public opinion was once considered one of outrage. The Bush management vowed to make an instance of the traitor. legal professional normal John Ashcroft promised to convey Lindh to justice for engaging within the homicide of Spann. Why then, after threatening treason and the dying penalty, did the govt. all at once abandon a tribulation in want of a smooth plea deal? Why did they permit him escape with it? to reply to the query, this booklet places John Walker Lindh on trial, however it additionally examines the case opposed to the U.S. govt trial may need printed. What double online game did the govt play ahead of the Afghan conflict, regarding oil pipelines, CIA...

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Dr. Tamara Sonn, a brilliant Islamicist who spoke at length with Lindh after his capture, was especially beneficent in her reflections. Early on in my labors to piece together what really happened in that prison courtyard on the morning of November 25,2001,1 came to the realization that the intersection of Mike Spann and John Walker Lindh derived from a road not taken prior to 9/11—that of interdicting Al-Qaeda terrorists before they ever struck. One man seemed to embody not only warnings of that contingency but knowledge of Washington's corrupt inner dealings with two terrorist states thought to be American allies, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

As in my previous books in biography and foreign policy, I have adopted the practice in certain instances of maintaining confidentiality of source in this book, especially with regard to current and former special agents in the FBI, CIA officers, and key respondents in Pakistan and Afghanistan whose personal security might well be compromised if there were specific citation. In the end, when it came time to complete the manuscript, as opposed to go back on the road again, old friends came through.

A large plume of smoke and dust leaps up. The Northern Alliance soldiers burst into applause. The elite-force unit calls in six more cruise missiles. At the end of each, there is the same, almost defiant, clatter of Taliban machine-gun fire within the fortress. An SAS soldier gets Dave on the radio and advises him to make his escape with the German camera crew. The Northern Alliance soldiers produce a sort of comic-opera cover fire, some standing on each other's backs to get their rifles aimed over the fortress wall.

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