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Download hacking for dummies - how to learn to hack in easy steps PDF

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If that is your case, � leave aol and get a real ISP. Then you'll be forgiven. � � � Don't get busted � ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ � � � Let's suppose you haven't skipped everything below and your Linux bow is now connected to the net. � � It's now turn for the STEALTH. You won't get busted! just follow my advices and you'll be safe. � � - Don't hack � this is the most effective stealth technique. not even the FBI can bust you. :-) � If you choose this option, stop reading now, cause the rest is worthless and futile.

I promise. That doesn't really make you a hacker (but you're on the way). � A hacker is someone who is able to discover unknown vulnerabilities in software and able to � write the proper codes to exploit them. � � NOTE: If you've been unlucky, and before you found this document, you've readen the � guides to (mostly) harmless hacking, then forget everything you think you've learnt from them. � You won't understand some things from my tutorial until you unpoison your brain. � � � Some definitions � ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ � � I'm going to refer to every kind of computer as a box, and only as a box.

So lets connect to the internet. � � Yes, i know you've gotten this document from the internet, but that was with windoze � and it was much easier. Now you're another person, someone who screams for knowledge and wisdom. � You're a Linux user, and you gotta open your way to the Internet. � � You gotta make your Linux box to connect to the net, � so go and set up your modem (using YaST2 in SuSE). ). � � Most PCI modems are NOT modems, but "winmodems". Winmodems, like all winhardware, are � specifically designed to work ONLY on windoze.

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